Using 42tasks For Stylish Task Management

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you have to do. From work and family to project ideas you come up with, it’s hard to keep everything in your head. To-do list apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, and most of them are designed to help you remember everything you need to get done. The problem is, most to-do list apps only run locally on your computer. There are tons of to-do list apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and more, but most of them just keep your tasks right there on your device.

Web apps solve this problem since your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. There are many to-do list webapps, but today we’re going to look at one of the more advanced ones online: 42tasks. This app brings the power of desktop task management apps like Things to your browser. Keep reading to see what it has to offer.

Getting Started

42tasks combines online task management with an elegant interface that makes it fun to keep up with everything you need to do. For now, it’s online only, but the developers plan to release 42tasks apps for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and they also have a mobile version planned for iOS. For now, though, you can get started with the webapp, and may even find you prefer keeping it online rather than installing new programs.

42tasks' Homepage

It doesn’t take much to get started. Just click the signup button on the homepage, then enter your name, email, and password. Select your current time zone, then click the I’m ready to organize my life button to create your account.

Signup is quick and simple

Seconds later, you’ll have your own 42tasks account, complete with some example tasks to help get you started. You don’t have to confirm your account or do anything extra; just sign up and start adding tasks.

The 42tasks interface looks very similar to the new design, with a light background and shiny grey top toolbar. It includes 5 different background color textures, so you can switch to a different one to customize it if you wish.

A new account with sample tasks to get you started


Add New

So let’s start getting organized with the app. Just type in something you need to do in the top white bar, then click the clock to enter when it needs done.

You can set a specific date and time the task is due, and choose to have a reminder sent to your email when the task is due. Or, click no date to add a task you’re not sure when you’ll do. Click Save, and your new task will show up on the list below.

Add new tasks complete with reminders and due dates

On your new task, you’ll see a check box, star, and paperclip icon. Click the star to prioritize your tasks, or the paperclip to enter a text note. This way, you can add more info that the one line would easily hold. Or, if you need to edit a task, double-click on the text to change the task or reschedule it.

Once a task is finished, just click the check box to mark it as complete. 42tasks is simple and easy to use, and if you’ve used almost any to-do list app, you should feel right at home.

Add notes to make your todos more informative

Add notes to make your todos more informative

Organize Your Tasks

42tasks doesn’t limit you to just one task list. You can organize your tasks in categories, which are listed on the right side. Click Edit to add new categories or change existing ones, then select the category you want to add tasks in it.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to reorder tasks or move them to a different category, so make sure to select the category you want before adding a task. Hopefully they’ll add the ability to move and rearrange tasks in the future!

Organize your tasks into categories

Find Your Tasks Easily

Once you’ve added tasks, it’s easy to find them again even if you’ve added tons of things you need to do. Just enter a word or phrase from the task in the search bar on the top right, and you’ll see all of the tasks with that word listed by date. Unfortunately, the search only works for the task itself, and doesn’t locate content you’ve written in a note.

Find tasks quickly with built-in search

One of the best ways to find tasks is to use the options on the top bar. Here you can organize your tasks by status, and find all of the tasks that are starred, completed, scheduled for today or tomorrow, or ones that don’t have a due date. Now, when you’re looking for something new to tackle, or need to see what needs done next, your most important tasks are only a click away.

Sort tasks from the top toolbar


42tasks brings the features and feel of a professional desktop task manager to the web, and we found it extreemly nice to ¬†use. It does have a few quirks, though. The app isn’t as responsive as we’d like, and often paused for a moment when adding a new tasks. Also, the fonts looked rather small and blurry in Chrome, though they looked much better in Safari with font smoothing enabled.

These problems aside, there was much to like about 42tasks. If you’ve been looking for a great way to keep up with everything you need to do, and are tired of bland, simplistic interfaces from apps like RememberTheMilk, be sure to give 42tasks a try!

What app do you use to manage your to-do lists? How do you keep up with everything you need to do? We’d love to hear what other great productivity apps you’re using!


42tasks gives you a stylish and feature-full task management app right in your browser. Keep up with what you need to do, anytime, anywhere.