TidyLists: Simple Yet Effective Task Management

Task management applications are pretty popular as we crave to organise our lives by putting them online. Our days are crammed full of things to do – business, personal and pleasure – but a lot of the time we have wider, long term projects in the pipeline. You might be planning a vacation, or working on a project at work. In these cases, today’s application might come in very helpful!

I can vouch for the usefulness of today’s review. I’ve been in the position of developing or working on a project, and actually strung together my own percentage calculator to work out the progress of the work. It’s great to visually see how far you are from completion.

Beneath a simple interface is a simple web application that’s called TidyLists. TidyLists might be simple, but it’s sweet enough to actually add some function and be useful in whatever tasks you are planning. Add tasks, check them off and then check your progress. That’s the basic idea behind TidyLists.

Interface Tour

Taking a spin around the interface of TidyLists, you’ll notice that’s it’s pretty minimalist. Down the left side is a button and a progress bar (we’ll get onto that later), down the right side are some tips and a little bit of advertising and, finally, the centre area is dedicated to the tasks themselves.

Each task is positioned alongside an accompanying checkbox and the date you added it, allowing one to easily prioritise depending on your their added date. Overall, you’re not going to get confused due an overly complex interface which is always an advantage to any web application and more so when the whole point of it is to remove stress and manage your tasks for you.

The main interface of TidyLists. It's simply simple making it so simple to use.

Managing Your Tasks

To add a new list for your tasks, one only has to direct his cursor to the “Create a New List” button that resides in the top-left corner of TidyLists. A text box slides down, allowing you to type in your list’s name and then hit “Create”. Once your list has been added, it appears in the left sidebar alongside a progress bar. The progress bar shows how far your tasks have been completed as an overall project, so you can get a basic idea of how far you’ve progressed. This is a feature that I love, especially if you decide to use TidyLists for a project like launching a website or similar.

Task managment in TidyLists is pleasingly simple and it does not hide behind a complex interface. It’s quite literally just the task and a small box to set it as complete.

Unfortunately, TidyLists does not have any accompanying mobile applications which means it’s a little hard to take your lists on the go. Luckily, there’s also an option to email the list to the email you registered with, allowing you to print, easily share or take on the go.

In order to easily forward on your list, TidyLists has the ability to email the list to yourself in a single click.

Room for Improvement

TidyLists has a large room for improvement that could extend the usefuleness of the application. The first thing that i’d like is some sort of connected ecosystem with complimentary iPhone and tablet applications to allow you to take lists on the go. Alternatively, TidyLists has the potential to have an integrated experience with social networking sites to both update and share your lists.

Similar task management applications also have a custom syntax for adding entries, which TidyLists lacks. Additionally, there’s no scheduling or advance dating in TidyLists to add deadlines, nor the ability to add custom parameters like location or set alerts. All these things are pretty vital to a task management or calendar application, so they seem like glaring omissions in TidyLists.

The whole interface of TidyLists. There's a lot of potential in this space.

Overall, the experience you’ll have with TidyLists is pleasingly simple, but it’s not enough for some scheduling aficionados.

Final Thoughts

Task management applications can be a life saver for some people but TidyLists might not be completely up to scratch. It works and is entertainably simple, but it might not have all the functionality needed by die-hard users. This is an unfortunate disappointment since the ease of use and the overall good experience with TidyLists has so much potential, the developers just need to start looking into expansion to bring their potential to new platforms.

There’s a few less vital, but still crave-able, features like tagging or searching. I’d also love to see a sub-task system with collapsable sections.


A simple, but useful, task management application that works well but has a nice room for improvement.