The New MYCO Suite: A Sleek New Take on CRM

It’s always exciting when web apps we’ve tried get a redesign that makes them far better than they used to be. MYCO Suite is a CRM and collaboration app that we’d looked at in the past. We liked it, but felt that its interface held it back. Since then, though, the app has gone through a major overhaul and it’s time to take another look.

Let’s see how MYCO Suite has improved in the last year, and how it can work for your business.

Getting Started

To get started with MYCO Suite, sign up for your free 7 day trial (no credit card required).  After activating your email address, you are greeted with a short wizard to enter details about your business.

"Create Your Account" Wizard in MYCOSuite

“Create Your Account” Wizard in MYCOSuite

After you go through this wizard, you’re greeted with a dashboard. Like most other CRMs, you have tabs at the top: Home, Accounts, Sales, Finance, Projects, Documents and HR. Your dashboard has two sidebars on either side of the main area with information and quick links. In the middle, you have tabs for Activity feeds, Calendar, Notes, Contacts and Profile.

Your MYCO Suite dashboard after signing up

Your MYCO Suite dashboard after signing up

MYCO Suite makes it easy to integrate your other services, such as LinkedIn, Google and MailChimp. I immediately added my LinkedIn account and Google contacts. The setup was simple and painless.

Comparison to Other CRMs

The CRM features are pretty standard and are at least as good as most competitors. My two favorite CRMs are Sugar and Streak, which are two very different takes on relationship management. Sugar is highly customizable, and is either free (open source version) or very expensive. Streak is free, but is only in your Gmail. MYCO Suite is not as customizable as Sugar, and doesn’t live in your inbox, but it does have the basics – managing your customers and leads, and keeping track of projects. The other great thing MYCO Suite has is built-in accounting and HR features.

If you are looking for a CRM that will manage your customers, leads, projects, to do list, and enable you to keep track of your finances and employees all in one place, MYCO Suite will work for you. Along with finances, MYCO Suite has a built-in time sheet to keep track of billable hours.

And of course, MYCO Suite has mobile apps, so your CRM is always at your fingertips.

What Has Changed

MYCO Suite changed up the setup process from the last review – they made it simpler and quicker to get started. While the old way wasn’t that difficult, it is always better to make things easier for new customers. The last thing you want when trying out an app for the first (or second or third) time, is to spend an hour setting everything up just to realize you don’t like the app itself.

One of the things James brought up in the last review was that at first glance, the main website was unprofessional and a little plain. The new homepage is still sleek and simple, but they have added more oomph this time around. I really enjoy the website and how they present their app.

MYCO Suite's website has a new look

MYCO Suite’s website has a new look

MYCO Suite is now hosted in the AWS cloud, meaning the app will be fast and secure. Backups are stored in another region so MYCO Suite is unlikely to experience downtime.

Another new feature is email notifications. You won’t miss any tasks assigned to you by colleagues because MYCO Suite will notify you via email of any new tasks or changes.

MYCO Suite is already available in English, Dutch, German, Chinese and Spanish and working on other languages.

One big feature that is new since our last review is integration with Google contacts and calendar. As someone who lives and dies by her calendar, this makes MYCO Suite an even better contender when looking for a CRM or project management app.

What the Future Holds

MYCO Suite has plans to continue improving their app. Some new features include updates to the Calendar, such as events, courses and workshop planning.

Upcoming features include Events, Courses & Seminars

Upcoming features include Events, Courses & Seminars

The main goal of MYCO Suite is to simply make life easier for business owners. With the continued development plans, MYCO Suite will keep up with emerging technology to keep your CRM powerful and easy to use.


After your 7 day free trial, you will be converted to the forever free Myco Basic plan, which is ideal for freelancers and consultants. You get 1 GB of space, basic features for 1 user and the ability to create proposals and invoices, and have project and workspace sharing.

Or for $15 per user per month, you get 2 GB of disk space, basic + premium features, advanced exporting tools and the ability to add colleagues. Pricing for multiple users is on par with other systems.

The website is not clear on what a “premium” feature is. And after my trial expired, I am still not sure what features I don’t have besides less disk space and colleagues.

Final Thoughts

Overall, MYCO Suite is a solid CRM with a lot of great features and the developers have been working hard on improvements since our last review. With a motivated development team and the planned improvements, this is definitely an app to keep an eye on. If you’re in the market for a new CRM or if you are like me and love trying new apps, MYCO Suite won’t disappoint.


A cloud-based CRM with integrated relationship and project management and billing capabilities.

  • MYCO Suite 4.8  | 
  • Free for 1 User; $15 per user per month  | 
  • IJO Technologies Ltd.