Reamaze: Effective Support Management for Your Site

Customer support can be an incredibly tricky thing to get right. You need to be quick enough to respond to your customers – or potential customers – while being efficient enough that providing support doesn’t bankrupt your business. Just keeping up with all the emails, and keeping everyone’s issues straight, is enough to make it difficult.

However, users don’t just send you feedback by email anymore. Your feedback is bound to be coming in from email, Twitter, Facebook, and that is the confusing part. Messages are coming in from a variety of sources and you need to check each one individually — an arduous task for the majority of us.

Reamaze is an app which aims to re-invent tech support and help you on your way. This is a new customer support platform which collects everything which has been sent to your site – no matter how it’s been sent. It processes this data and shows it to you in one easy-to-understand format. Let’s take a look.

Everything about Reamaze screams quality.

First Steps

Your first step is going to be the process of setting up your sources of feedback. Since this is the app’s main function, it’s the most important thing, and Reamaze makes it simple to get this sorted quickly. In your account settings, there’s options to add email addresses, and Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to your profile. Once connected Reamaze will feed every direct message, post or comment to your dashboard — and enables conversations with every sender, right from Reamaze.

Changing the account settings is an easy task.

Reamaze also includes team management tools which are needed if you want to bring on more of your team to help with support. You can add all of your team to Reamaze, add a default signature to your messages, setup email notifications, and grab the code to integrate Reamaze with your site, all from the setup screen. That makes it very easy to get started.

Understanding Reamaze

Reamaze is trying to reinvent online support, making it more laid-back and socially integrated than almost any other support app does so far. One way Reamaze is reinventing old ways is redefining the “customer ticket.” Instead of the traditional email message centric interface, they have opted for the laid back approach of “conversations.” With a social network style design that strips down everything to the essence, it’s almost fun to clear out your support queue. Personally, I love what they’ve done here.

Conversing with a member of staff just seems natural.

As you can see above, the process is easy, and the high standard of aesthetics continues here. You can reply just about as easy as replying to a Facebook message, whether you’re replying via email or any of the social feeds you may have added to your account.

Of course, finding messages in Reamaze is equally as easy. Every message from each of the services you’ve added appears in an Inbox on your dashboard. Much like any email Inbox, you can sort messages by category, or drill down to the specific “inbox” of the service you want to focus on. You’ll be able to see which conversations have been read, which need responded to, and who each ticket is assigned to. It’s just what you’d expect from a support app, only this time with a far friendlier interface that’s quick and simple to use.

The dashboard collates every channel into one list.

Nice Touches

Then, there’s the little things which really make an app special — and that’s what the mobile web app is for Reamaze. After loading up the Reamaze website on my Nexus 7 in the normal browser, I was soon astonished to find everything was perfectly usable. There was no need to resize the screen to fit it in full messages, and no need to search for buttons on the bottom of the screen. It was just a joy to use, and made Reamaze a great on-the-go experience.

The mobile version of this application works like a dream and quickly allows admins to use Reamaze anywhere

You can also choose to receive real time notifications via email. After picking when you would like to be notified, the app will then let you know if anything needs attention. This lets you be sure to keep up with your site’s support in the best way for you, no matter what else is going on.

You’ll also find that Reamaze makes it easy to keep up with your customers, showing all of their conversations, email address, and social profiles, as well as any custom attributes that you might want to add. It’s one of the other ways Reamaze goes beyond and makes support better than ever.

Viewing a customer’s profile gives you details and a history of quires they’ve made in the past.

And We’re Only In Beta

Is Reamaze necessary for your websites’ success? Well, no. You could survive without it and live with reading comments and replying to emails the standard way. But, to be honest, you’re missing out if you choose not to. Reamaze is free, and makes customer support so much simpler, it’d only be smart to give it a try.

Even though Reamaze seems to have fully perfected the app, it’s actually still in beta. There’s still some things that need to be finished, but it’s hard to find them. Reamaze is a great way to take on support with a modern outlook, and we’d love to hear your thoughts about it below if you try it out.


A social network powered support tool that makes it easier than ever to keep up with your customers' needs.