DropTask: Visual Task Management for Individuals and Teams

Between the desktop, web and mobile, there are so many different apps that can help you create and manage tasks. Many of them offer the ability to collaborate with a team as well. So, if a tool is what you are missing in your quest to stay productive, lack of choices is never going to be the problem.

But, every team has its own requirements. Some prefer planning to the boot with every single aspect of the tasks jotted down. Some might prefer to go with a big picture view, focusing mainly on understanding where things stand at any given time. From the looks of it, DropTask appears to be a web app that can help people who prefer to track tasks at a glance. Let’s take a closer look.

Look and Feel

DropTask is the first task management app on the web that I’ve seen sporting such a colorful and refreshing interface. Bright colors and overlapping circles have so far dominated only on the mobile and tablet interfaces. It’s good to see that the traditional check boxes and form fields are replaced with something unique for a change.

Creating Tasks

Adding New tasks

Adding New tasks

And, the ultra short animated tips are really nice to look at (wonder if they are GIF images). Understanding the workflow isn’t tough either and that is an important consideration before selecting your project management app. For each task you create, a colorful circle is created. Dragging and dropping to create tasks is so much fun! You have the option to name the task you create (obviously) and move them around the canvas for better organization.

Grouping Tasks

Creating a Group

Creating a Group

Creating task bubbles by the dozen isn’t going help us stay organized, isn’t it? That’s why DropTask has the Groups feature. Despite sounding ominous, a group is nothing but another colorful circle that’s only slightly bigger! This time around, you get to pick your favorite color though!

Drag and drop to create as many group circles as you need. The twist is that, the app lets you drag and drop related tasks into these groups. In a few seconds, you’ll end up having a very functional and informative task management setup.

Managing Tasks

Task Assignment

Task Assignment

Double click on each task to add a description, fix deadlines, assign it to team members, add a note or share a comment.

Tasks with Deadlines and Assignees

Tasks with Deadlines and Assignees

The deadlines are clearly marked on each task and so is the name of the person handling it. It’s amazing how much information about the tasks your team is handling is presented in front of you.

Project Activity

Project Activity

All it takes is a glance at the task canvas to know who is doing what and if need be, use the activity log to the right to check out the chronological record of events.

Filters and Helpers

Looking for something specific in the sea of task bubbles? Use the filters to narrow down the results. Tasks can be filtered based on tags, assignee and due date. Besides, you have the option to straight away type out the keyword and search for relevant tasks.

I found the calendar view to be a helpful little feature to quickly check out how the next seven days are scheduled. DropTask being a very visual app, the zoom in and out buttons are bound to be a major time saver if you end up with a complex project with a ton of groups and tasks. I found the fit to screen button extremely useful to bring me back to the big picture mode, whenever I get lost.

You can create an account at DropTask for free and start inviting people to join your team. With this account, you can create multiple projects, groups and tasks and collaborate with a bunch of people.

Final Thoughts

I am of the opinion that it’s easier to build the habit of using a productivity app if the app is fun to use. That’s how I managed to use a task management app religiously (I owe it to TeuxDeux and now to Wunderlist). But, there are some glitches in the implementation as well. One glaring item is the activity feed. It’s cramped, poorly designed and is an eye sore.

I admire DropTask for trying to break the stereotype of task management apps and bring about a fresh change. It doesn’t do everything that a modern day task management app does. In fact, it lacks a couple of common features. However, the manner in which they have implemented the idea is inspiring. For that, team DropTask deserves a big kudos.

Building on top of this gorgeous interface and transforming DropTask into a mainstream, feature rich project management app is going to be a challenge. From what I have seen so far, I think DropTask has a bright chance of making it big in the future.


DropTask is a Visual Task Management app for Individuals and Teams.