Cloudship: The App To Help You Never Be Disorganised Again

Most of us have a lot we need to do each day. We need a way to record everything that needs to be done, and be reminded with our tasks are due. In the past, people would have used a diary or a notepad, but nowadays we need something more sophisticated to keep up with our bustling lives.

For a while now, I have been looking for the best app for this, and while there’s many nice ones, I never could find the perfect app for me. That is, until a few weeks ago I discovered Cloudship, an app which looked as good as it performed — for me this was the perfect application.

Two weeks on and I’m using Cloudship everyday to manage and organize my everyday life. Read on to find out where Cloudship can fit into your everyday life.

How To Use Cloudship

So what’s Cloudship for? Cloudship’s a simple, beautifully designed web app that helps you manage your tasks with due dates to make sure you get them done. Your tasks can also have notes and attachments, to make sure there’s everything you need to complete your tasks in one place.

You can split up your tasks into different projects, which appear as separate tabs along the left hand side. These projects can then be shared with others in Cloudship, or kept to yourself. This way, you can use personal projects to keep up with everything you need to do, and shared projects to keep your team productive as well. With scheduled tasks, you can plan ahead and never lose sight of what needs done.


General tasks which have been added to a project.

Your first step is signing up for Cloudship. To do this, you don’t need to input thing beyond an email address and password. After this you’ll be brought to a dashboard display which is already full of sample tasks. Each of these tasks will give you a brief introduction into how it works.

If you want to quickly learn how to use Cloudship, your best bet is reading through the little tips in the tasks which are already present. These will guide you through everything you need to know.

Who Would Use Cloudship

The first way that Cloudship can be used is for personal use. This is a perfect application for recording task such as a shopping list or a reminder to feed the dog. Cloudship is simple enough – and cheap enough – that anyone can use it to keep up with anything they want to do.

However, Cloudship can also be a great way to work in a team. By creating a project, you can share this with other people on your team. After different tasks have been added, you can then assign them to different members of the team to complete. You can also differentiate roles by having administrators and standard users.


Creating projects is an easy task.

I really love how you can integrate Cloudship into a project management tool, allowing many users to cooperate together. This pushes the boundaries on the simple organizer, and makes it into one of the simplest ways to collaborate as a team. Apps such as Basecamp are similar to this, though, Cloudship has the advantage of a much simpler interface and a far cheaper price. Plus, you can have private projects along with your shared projects, to keep everything together in one app.

There’s search to find everything across all your projects, and tags to drill down and organize your tasks by type. Everything’s simple to use, and just works great together. It looks great, and works great.

Cloudship is also working on mobile versions for iOS and Android that should be coming soon. When they’re out, Cloudship will be an even more exciting app for anyone wanting to stay productive from anywhere.

Cloudship Pro

As you begin to use Cloudship you’ll soon notice that you didn’t need to pay anything for the service — and it can stay that way. If you want you never need to pay anything and you’ll always have a free and brilliant application. However, you can upgrade if you would like, starting at $5/month, although the differences are very subtle.

The first change you’ll see with the Pro version is when attaching files to your notes. Normally, you can only up to 50MB of attachments per month, much like Evernote Pro. If you upgrade, you’ll get to upload up to 1-5Gb of files per month, which might ┬ábe quite handy for teams sharing a lot of files. Then, the pro feature that might be even more interesting is that Pro users can view the last 300-1000 revisions to their notes, while normal users can only see the last 50 revisions. If you’re prone to messing up what you’re writing, that might come in handy.


You can add users by typing in their emails.


Cloudship is an app I now use every day and I would struggle to say something I didn’t like about it. Even down to basic tasks such as changing the date or making a note, the functionality is just superb. Whether you’re using Cloudship as part of a team or as an individual you’ll easily be able to fit this into life — and it’s not going to take ages to get it working right for you. To be honest, I couldn’t recommend an app more.

Are you looking for a new way to control everything in your life? Or, is your work group needing an app to allow everyone to keep in touch and get work in on time? If that’s the case then Cloudship should definitely be the next app you aim to test out!



Cloudship is a task management app which allows users to input their tasks -- easily keeping on top of everything.