blossom: Clean, Straightforward Project Management

Task and project management apps are a thing many of us use, either on a personal and collaborative level. There’s a ton of them available and I use quite a wide selection of them myself, both natively on desktop and mobile devices and online. is one such task manager that touts a clean, minimalist interface that makes project management a breeze. blossom organises tasks into subsets of cards to be quite literally dragged through a series of progressional steps that make for an easy and straightforward experience.

Getting Started

When you first open blossom, you’ll be encouraged to create a project which will act as a hub for all the tasks you’ll be managing within the app. This is a collaborative effort so it’s recommended that you invite your team who will gain access to your blossom hub.

Tasks within a project in blossom are organised as cards, which can be elevated through a series of available stages. Creating a new card is super easy, and done by simply typing a title into the large text field that’s placed prominently on the page. From here, your task is created and added to the earliest stage in the blossom timeline.

blossom - Timeline

blossom manages tasks for your project in sets it calls cards, which can be dragged through the progressional stages seen in the screenshot above.

While simply using cards for tasks is an option, the real functionality becomes available when you go ahead and view/edit a card. A modal will appear, allowing you to add sub-tasks which can easily split up a section into multiple to-dos, without crowding your main timeline with counltess numbers of cards. Additionally, you’ll be encouraged to explain, for each card, why it is benefical to your overall aim, or just a brief description.

In addition to adding tasks to a card, collaborators can discuss by adding comments to a card although this is pretty simple with no threading.

As you or your team check off the various tasks within a card, it can be simply dragged and dropped throughout the different stages within blossom. A simple drag-and-drop is all that is needed to move a card from to-do to being in progress. You’ll escalate a task up until when it is complete, where it can be archived and taken out of your main stream for convienence.

Cards can not yet be set a due date, although a button in the editing modals suggests it’s coming soon.


blossom has a fantastic clean interface that doesn’t crowd up the overall aim of the app, to easily manage your project. When you log into blossom there’s only a single page view that hosts your entire stream of cards, all of which are managed and manipulated through modal windows, not on seperate pages.

Viewing a card in blossom. Here, a card named "design" holds all the design related tasks, as well as providing discussion space below.

I actually transitioned to my iPad when writing this review, so I got to experience blossom on a touch device. The app is very responsive to touch input through the drag-and-drop interface, which means it’s a consistently good experience whether you’re sitting at your desk managing your team, or out and about.

I was recently writing a review of Clear for iPhone, where I shared my opinion that the only significant differentiator between competition was the interface, since functionality is chiefly the same. blossom’s clean, uncrowded interface makes it one of the best I’ve used, so its interface is its chief differentiator, too.

Collaboration is Key

This isn’t a task manager, but is very versatile if you wish to use the app on a personal level. I mainly used task management apps to manage my writing schedule, and the system of using a card per article with subtasks (research, writing, proofreading etc.) is great. No longer does one need to use shallow tasks that only represent the end product. With blossom, it’s easy to get deep into every aspect of a task and plan perfectly.

When it comes to inviting new people, it’s pretty easy to do so by simply typing in their email adress. However, more interestingly, you’re able to actually just type their name if it’s already registered with the service. This actually brings up a few privacy issues for me, considering your avatar image and name are available to anyone who starts typing even just a few letters that happen to be in your name.


blossom is a great example of a fantastic project management app. blossom’s clean and minimalist interface is very straightforward and offers up an experience that is superior to any of its rivals that I’ve tried, although lacks a few features such as due dates and alerts.

I also really appreciate how the app is organised with the five stage nature that allows users to track the progress of a task through different parts of it’s completion. This can be achieved on touch interfaces too, where it’s almost fun to glide your finger across the screen, rearranging your cards.


A project management app that boasts it's clean, minimalist interface.