Privacy Policy Creation Made Easy With iubenda

The legal jargon required to make a sound privacy policy is overwhelming to say the least. That being said, it is absolutely necessary to make a privacy policy for your site or you might face huge fines as a result. If you want to avoid the cost of hiring a legal professional or the pain of pushing through the legal terminology yourself, it is important to find a viable alternative. One of the ones to consider is iubenda, an online privacy policy generator.

Not only does iubenda create a privacy policy for use on your site, the application offers both a “user-friendly” version and a version full of all the legal words. The privacy policies are constantly updated by the legal team at iubenda, take only a few minutes to set up and come with both a free and pro version. Read on to learn a bit more about how it works and what I really think of it.

Generating a Policy

Generating the privacy policy for your site with iubenda is quite an easy process. First, you enter your website on the homepage and register with simply your name and email address. Then, it is a simple three-step process to create and implement your new and legitimate privacy policy. The first step is to add any services your site uses that collect data. Examples include advertising services such as Google AdSense, any user registration that is required and comment services such as Disqus. Iubenda features 27 different services, so most major services are built-in. Unfortunately, the option to add a custom service is only available to pro members, so free members are out of luck if their service isn’t there. Free users are also only able to add four services at a time.

First step - add your services.

If your service is not available, you can request it in the support forums. iubenda is always adding services.

The next step is to simply add the website owner’s information. This just entails writing the owner’s name/company, full address and email address. This is the easiest of the steps, not that any step is too difficult.

Second step - update owner information.

The final step is to embed the code for the privacy policy into your website. First, do some minor customization on the iubenda website. Free users can choose between a black or a white button, while pro users have the option to freely style the button and remove branding. Then, simply copy and paste the code as is into your website, or use the handy button on the iubenda website to mail the code directly to your developer.

Third step - customize the button and embed the code.

Further Usage

The experience and interface provided by iubenda is pretty simple. You are taken directly to the policy creation process when you start out, so the brunt of the work is done straight-away. You can even preview directly from the creation screen, so iubenda forces you to stick to their desired workflow. After the policy is created, you can access the dashboard where you are able to manage any of your policies and create additional ones as needed.

The dashboard provides easy access to view, edit and update all of your policies.

The policies are displayed on your site via a lightbox, meaning users never have to leave the page they are on to view the privacy policy, and this is not a common feature in any other policy generator. More importantly, however, this means that once the code is put into your site the first time you never have to mess with the code again. Policies are hosted by iubenda, so any changes that you make to the policy on the iubenda sight are updated in real-time. Anytime you add or take away a service, it’s simpler than ever to make the necessary adjustments to keep your privacy policy in good legal standing. And, anytime a service you use changed their own policies, then iubenda will get the policies updated on their end so your site will stay up to date without any extra effort on your part.

Previewing my policy via the lightbox format.

iubenda is working to make the privacy policies available through their service accessible for a variety of users. One way is through a variety of translations that will eventually be available for the user whenever your privacy policy is viewed. While at this time only English and Italian are available, iubenda is working to add a much larger selection. Another way they work to make the policy accessible is via a default “user-friendly” view of the privacy policy. While the complete text in the proper legal language is always available, the default version is a very simplified version that lets customers know exactly what your site looks at and uses.

The "complicated" version of the policy - compare it to the user-friendly version in the previous image.

Last but not least, it’s important to discuss exactly what the differences are between a free and pro account. While many small sites can get by with a free account, if you use many services you will have to upgrade. Both accounts give you the same simple, user-friendly set-up with a professional privacy policy created by a legal team. The free account is limited, however, to only four services per policy and allows no custom services. Additionally, the iubenda branding cannot be removed from the free account policy buttons. Pro accounts, running $27/year allow for unlimited services and unlimited custom services as well as non-branded, customizable policy buttons.

List of pro features versus free features.

Last Thoughts

To sum it all up, iubenda does a pretty great job of simplifying a task that can potentially cause a lot of headache and, left untended, may even cost you money. If you find yourself in need of a privacy policy and you lack the legal know-how (as most of us do) to write it yourself, iubenda is definitely worth a try. If nothing, give the free account a whirl. If you like the way it works and looks, consider upgrading. iubenda is so simple to use that you can’t possibly waste more than a few minutes of your time at least trying it out.

There are a ton of privacy policy generators and templates out there, but none make it quite as easy or well-designed as iubenda. This application truly takes a painfully difficult process and makes it a breeze.

Have you ever tried writing a privacy policy before, or have you tried a service like iubenda that helps to generate the policy for you? Better yet, have you tried iubenda before? What do you think works the best? As always, feel free to share your thoughts below.


An application designed to allow you to easily create a privacy policy for your website without having to deal with all of the legal jargon and difficulty.