Resumonk: Focus on your Resume’s Content, Not Its Format

It almost seems that it’s more difficult to get a job than it is to do the job once you’ve been hired. One of the most frustrating things about trying to get a job is polishing your resume. You have to go through and think of all the jobs you’ve had, list any important details about your accomplishments and skills, then get it looking presentable. When you’re stressed over trying to find a job, that’s far from an easy task to undertake.

Resumonk is a new web app that helps you create the perfect resume, with the content you need laid out in a beautiful design. Resumonk takes over all formatting of your resume, allowing you to work on the content for your resume. Since you won’t have to worry about turning your info into a high-quality document, you can just devote all of your time and energy to making your resume the best it can be.

It starts with a form

Easy to fill in from

On creating a new resume you come to a web form with “Personal Details” as the leading section, as you would expect on any resume. The form is designed to look a lot like a resume, which helps filling it in. There’s also dummy data filled in to a lot of the text boxes which may also help get rid of any confusion as to what exactly is meant to go into each section. The larger sections such as Professional Profile don’t contain any dummy text though, which seems a bit odd, as this is a section where people could do with some extra help in knowing what to fill in.

After Personal Details, Resumonk has the following three sections included by default – Education details, Employment detail and Additional Information which are standard enough. If these sections don’t cut it for you,you can add project you’ve created, publications you’ve written, and volunteer positions you’ve held in the past.

Choose your template

Possibly the themes for your next resume

After you’ve filled in your information you’re then able to choose from five great looking templates that will add a professional look and feel to your resume. The templates are well thought out layouts and design, though they all place it safe. It would be interesting to see a few designs that really stand out for the most adventurous people out there. If you pay $9.99, you’re given access to a template editor which allows you to change the colour of your design providing you with a much more personalized resume. The great thing is, no matte what layout you select, it only takes one click to switch to a different template, and your data is still safe and works the same in the new layout.

Save and share

After you’re happy with your resume its time to show it to the world! You’re given a unique URL to your resume which you can share with potential employers, or even to ask for feedback from friends and family. This saves you from having to attach the PDF to your emails, and more importantly helps ensure potential employers are looking at your most up-to-date resume. You can also clone your resume, which allows you to experiment, or even allows you to tweak your resume to better suit a different job you’re currently applying for.

The homepage for logged in users

Going Pro

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can pay $9.99 and Resumonk will automatically pull in any information you have on the site. Since most job seeker already have filled in their info on LinkedIn, this could prove quite useful. As I’ve already mentioned, paid accounts also let you tweak the colours of your resume. Finally, with a pro account, you can customize the url to your resume on Resumonk. The value of these features may well be worth the money to you, though it’s a mater of personal preference. Either way, it’s a great tool for making a high quality resume.


As Resumonk only launched a few weeks ago, there is a few small things I would like to see changed. These changes aren’t necessary, I do believe they would add to the polish of this already great app. First, when editing my resume I’d like to see a real preview of my finished piece of work. Then, the lack of privacy settings is something I think should be addressed. While I’d like to promote my resume, I don’t want it online for everyone to see. All it’d take would be a simple option to password protect your resume link.

Even still, Resumonk is a great new app, and if you’re looking for a nice way to create a resume, you should definitely give it a try.