A Resumé for the 21st Century

As anyone who has hunted for a job before will know, applying for a job can be a long and frustrating process. After you’ve searched around for your ideal job and matched up your qualifications to their requirements, you then have to go about tailoring your resumé and cover letter to suit the position, filling out endless application forms and answering open-ended questions such as, “What would you bring to this company?” and “Give me an example where you have demonstrated leadership skills”. I’ve done it for countless internships and part-time jobs for students and I can tell you know, it isn’t fun.

But maybe, just maybe, there might be a tool to speed this monotonous process up? How does an online resumé sound? You may scoff at the idea at first but seeing as most job applications now are done through the Internet, the idea of an online resumé listing all your skills and qualifications doesn’t sound as ridiculous as you may think. Online resumés gives your (potential) future employer a far better picture of you as a person and allows you to tell your life story past your previous work experience, education and any professional qualifications. does just this. Its tagline of “Don’t send a resumé. Share your story” seems particularly fitting for just this reason. What’s better is it gives you far greater flexibility as potential employers can interact with your resumé and find out a lot more about you than what is printed on a mere sheet of A4 paper. is free to sign up for so let’s take a look at it and see whether it will make those job applications that slightly less tedious and, we all hope of course, get you that position you were aiming for.

First Thoughts

The first thing you really noticed when you fire up the homepage is the simple, non-cluttered layout which is instantly appealing. There are no complicated application forms here – just enter your e-mail address, a desired password and your domain (which comes in the form, allowing potential employers to easily access your resumé from whatever device they are using.

Revu Splash

The splash screen of

Once you’ve signed up, will give you the option to give your new online resumé a headstart by importing your personal data from LinkedIn (if you’ve got a LinkedIn account), such as your name, contact information and work experience.

Revu LinkedIn

You can import all your personal information from your LinkedIn account

Of course if you haven’t got a LinkedIn account, then don’t worry, because will let you create your new online resumé entirely from scratch. Let’s have a look at how to do this.

Creating Your Resumé

To get going on your resumé you need to enter some basic information about yourself such as your name, a display name, a snappy headline and a short biography about yourself. Seeing as most employers like to see a copy of your paper resumé as well, you can upload this along with your online version in either PDF, Word or OpenOffice format.

Revu Starting Off

Starting off your online resumé

Once you’ve entered some basic information, you can then start entering a few more details about yourself, such as your work experience and personal skills. displays all your previous work experience in a useful “timeline” view, allowing employers to get a quick overview of your employment history. There are three types of timeline entry:

  • Previous timespan: where you worked in the past over a period of time (e.g. work for a particular employer or any long-time projects).
  • Current/ongoing: to describe your current position or any ongoing project work.
  • Single date: this helps you highlight individual accomplishments or achievements in your employment history. also allows you to highlight your skills and qualifications in infographics, rather than boring lists and figures. If you can quantify your achievements (i.e. put them into a numerical form) then will display them in a beautiful chart or graph on your resumé page, making them a lot easier for your employer to see.

Revu Achievements

Quantifying your achievements in

Along with displaying your achievements in an attractive infographic form, you can also upload sample pieces of work from your portfolio and your educational background. Once you’ve finished uploading all your personal information then hit Save and your new online resumé is displayed, where you are free to drag widgets around, add extra items and change your resumé’s theme.

Revu Resume

Your new online resumé, which you can customise by simply dragging items around and changing the theme


Once you’ve created your online resumé, you’ll of course want to know how many hits it has had! features a built-in tracking system which records the number of hits to your resumé, the average time spent on the page, how many times your resumé has been downloaded and the number of contacts to your resumé. You can view the data from the last 30 days or for any month of your choice.

Revu Statistics

Your individual resumé statistics

At the time of writing, only features basic statistics however the developers are working on a more advanced analytics reporting system which should be hopefully out soon.

Final Thoughts is a great way to display your skills, work experience and personality online and is a refreshing change to those mundane paper resumés. It gives you far greater flexibility and customisation yet still lends your resumé that oh-so-important touch of professionalism. Your (potential) new employer can get a far greater picture of you as a person which can be ever so important when it comes to applying for that dream job. Get whilst it’s still hot (and free) and see where it can take you!


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