Typerighter: Typing in your Browser, the Righter Way

Writing from your browser doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing, or cluttered. Actually, writing online should be much simpler, since all you need is a browser and Internet connection, and your writing isn’t tied down to an app or device. If you’re writing in a native app, you’d better remember to sync your files, or otherwise you won’t have your writings anytime you need them.

There’s no need for that trouble, when you could use a writing app that just worked everywhere without fiddling with files. That’s where Typerighter comes in. It’s an elegantly designed clean writing app that can work from any platform and keep your text ready for you when you need it. Let’s take a look.

A call for less features

Writing is a creative process, and most of us would write better without distractions. That’s why clean, simple writing apps have become one of the most popular app categories on computers, tablets, and smartphones. They run the range from highly tweakable to feature-free, and most writers have their favorites (or switch between a half dozen like me). They may support Markdown, or formatted text, or any number of other features. The one thing they share is their focus on providing a distraction-free writing experience.

Online writing tools, however, are usually cluttered, and don’t provide a very nice writing experience. They’re filled with extra features, designed around sharing your writings with others or storing your whole life’s worth of writings. Not exactly the kind of place where you can get alone with your thoughts and just write.

Then there’s Typerighter. This new, extremely simple web app is as nicely designed as many of the popular writing apps in the App Store, but it’s designed for your browser. Take your browser window full-screen, and just write from whatever device you happen to be using. You don’t need a different writing app for Windows, OS X, your Android phone, and the HP Touchpad you picked up during the firesale. You just need a browser, and something to write.

Start writing on a clean slate with nothing other a writing space

Just start writing

You’ll need to create a Typerighter account to get the most out of it, or you can try it out for free from their demo site. Creating a new document is simple. Just go to your_username.typerighter.com/new, and a new document will open in your browser. Activate your browser’s full-screen mode to get rid of any other distractions, and you’re ready to just keep writing. And you can just start typing away while Typerighter automatically saves everything you’re writing. Typerighter uses a light grey background with large Vegur typography, which makes your writings and Typerighter’s sparse interface easy on your eyes.

This article in progress in Typerighter in Chrome's full-screen mode

It also makes writing easy on your fingers. Typerighter includes some basic text commands to help you accomplish basic functions and automatically insert text. You can manually save your current writings by typing save.., including the 2 periods. Want to see how many words you’ve typed? Just write words.. and hit space. Insert the date, or lorem ipsum text, or more, by entering their snippets you’ll find on Typerighter’s help page. Or, you can go to your account page by entering top.., or open help by just typing help... It’s that simple.

Better yet, you can create your own unique documents by entering your_username.typerighter.com/file_name_you_want. You can then easily enter all of the text in that note in any other document by typing “file_name_you_want..”, including the periods. That way, you can create your own text snippets just like you would in an app such as TextExpander, and your snippets will work on any browser with Typerighter. For example, I made a new note that way with the name ssig that included my standard letter signature, and so I can now enter it easily in any other Typerighter document by typing “ssig..” That’s it! If you take the time to setup a few notes like that with short names you can easily remember, you can speed up your writing in Typerighter dramatically.

Typerighter works great even on tablets and smartphones

Using your writings

When you’re done writing, your words aren’t likely meant to be kept to yourself. You might want to publish them to the net, or perhaps archive them on your computer. If you just want exactly what you’ve typed, you could always just copy the text and paste it wherever you want. Or, type txt.., and a plain text file of your writing will be downloaded to your computer. You can also include Markdown formatting in your document’s text, then go to your browser’s address bar and add .html to the end of your document’s address. This will open a fully formatted HTML copy of your document that you can save, or view the source to copy the formatted HTML to paste into your blog or website.

You can also use it to save your own personal writings, just for yourself. Whether it’s a plain-text todo list or the next book you’re working on, you can write them all on new Typerighter documents. Everything will be saved in your account, which you can always find at your_username.typerighter.com. There’s no way to tag documents or search through your writings, so it might not be the best Simplenote or Evernote substitute, but much like many mobile text editors, it’s easy to find the documents you need the most as the most recently edited ones stay at the top. After all, it’s a writing app, not a all-in-one notes app.

Keep up with all of your writings from your Typewrighter page

Wait: it costs.

Oh, and Typerighter costs. Using a similar pricing model to Pinboard, Typerighter started at $5 and goes up 1¢ for every new account. We’re so used to web apps being free, that we often recoil at the thought of paying for one. But it’s no odder to pay for Typerighter than it is to pay for a writing app for your Mac or iPad. Plus, if you have a Windows PC or, say, a tablet that’s not very supported now, it might be your best way to get a new writing app. I’ve personally felt that it was a good investment, at least as good as other text editors I’ve bought, and it’s always nice to know the services you love have a business model that can keep them going.

You can start typing righter on any device and any browser


Typerighter isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve been looking for a clean writing app, and want a way to keep writing no matter what device you’re on, you can’t go wrong with Typerighter. I’m very pleased with it, and plan to continue using it for more and more of my writing. Give Typerighter’s demo site a try, and if it looks like something you’d like to use, go ahead and get an account.

Because sometimes, less is more, and simplicity is worth paying for.

This article was fully written in Typerighter with Markdown


An online writing app that tries to emulate the simplicity of a sheet of paper, with some keyboard commands and text expanding shortcuts that make it even better. Paper 2.0.