Manage Your Organisation’s Hiring With The Resumator

Managing employees and recruiting new ones to your company is a really important task for a lot of businesses and given this importance, it is often absolutely vital to have a strong system in place that can deal with the demands of human resource departments and managers wanting to recruit new employees.

Today, we’re going to have at a look at The Resumator which is a web-based app that helps you do just that. It is used by some pretty big names in the world of technology, including Pinterest, Hootsuite, Mashable and Atari and you can sign up for a risk-free 14 day trial directly from their website so you can sample its powerful features before you commit to buying. Let’s take a closer look at it.


The Resumator helps you keep on top of your entire recruitment process by giving you the ability to manage applicants, recruit via social networks (for example by running a Twitter or Facebook recruiting campaign) and collaborate with your entire team. Once you’ve signed up for your free trial you will be redirected to the Dashboard:

Dashboard Resumator

The Dashboard of The Resumator with an overview of all the recruiting operations in your organisation.

For the purposes of this review, I created a fake company called Web AppStorm so we’re going to see how to hire a few employees for this company. Running along the top right you’ve got easy access to your Contacts, which are split into Companies and Contacts. Companies are used to help organise your contacts and your contacts are the individuals you do business with. Contacts do not necessarily have to be associated with a company but it does help keep them organised and you can link multiple contacts to the same company.

The Resumator Jobs

A list of all jobs in The Resumator along with other information about them.

The Jobs section of the website lists all of the job positions in your company, who is responsible for them, when they were created, the status of the job and how many applicants have applied for it. You can also upload any resumes that have been sent directly into The Resumator and manage joint tasks and view your team’s calendar from the toolbar as well.

Creating A New Position

Of course, for people to start applying to your organisation you will need to create some positions! This is incredibly easy in The Resumator and with a Basic account you can create up to 3 open jobs per month (with extra jobs priced from $25 per job monthly). You simply enter the information concerning the job (including the type of employment, minimum experience, a quick description about what the job is about) and The Resumator will do the rest.

Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 18.14.49

Creating a new job in The Resumator

If you want to find out a bit more about the candidate in question, then The Resumator provides a number of “canned questions” which can be used to filter candidates in the later stages of recruitment. You can also provide custom questions (which are defined under “questionnaires”) and The Resumator can also integrate with Smarterer, providing a range of tests from the job application directly.


The Resumator can create custom job sites for your positions

Once you’ve created all your positions, The Resumator can create your own custom job site for all your open positions (they’ll even host it for you via and you can share all your open positions via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Applicant Tracking

The Resumator will help you keep a precise track of all applicants to a particular position through one interface. The app can be customised to suit your business’ workflow and exactly how your organisation hires.


The Applicant Tracking screen in The Resumator, showing the applicant’s current status and comments from other reviewers.

The Resumator also allows collaboration on reviewing candidates. Each applicant to a particular position can be left internal feedback so that reviewers can rank, track and discuss potential candidates all from one screen and all candidate feedback is all in one place, making it far easier to find the relevant information without hunting through endless e-mails or lists of saved files.

Making Recruitment Decisions

The Resumator allows you to upload all incoming resumes for a particular position straight into the program, whether they are for a particular position or simply a spontaneous application. Resumes can be searched according to the name of the applicant, the job title, any keywords (for example special skills) in the resume, the applicant’s status (e.g. hold on, pending interview etc), the category and the rating given by other reviews (you could filter to see only resumes with a four-star rating or above, for example).


The Resumator allows you to upload resumes straight to the program and filter them depending on a number of criteria

When you upload any resume, then you can define more detailed optional fields about the applicant, such as his citizenship, GPA, any additional foreign languages spoken and so on. All these optional fields can then be sorted and filtered if necessary.


I was extremely impressed with The Resumator as it aims to simplify your recruiting process but still provides you and your organisation with the necessary tools to get a great team together. The interface is very user-friendly and the range of features built-in are second to pretty much none. I loved the intense focus on collaboration between your team and this is even more beneficial when used in a large organisation, where communication between departments may be a little more difficult.

Having said that, the app is very US-focused and may not be of great use to organisations based outside the U.S. The steep price tag as well may also discourage some smaller businesses for using it for hiring workers but for large organisations it can work wonders for the entire recruiting process.

Price plans for The Resumator start from $49 monthly for 2 open positions. For over 5 open jobs (and custom features), it is best to contact the developers directly to get a personalised quote.


An online recruitment app for mid to large-sized corporations.