KustomNote: Custom Note Taking on the Web

In my line of work, I am constantly taking notes during meetings, phone calls, and any other random time I can think about. I get a lot of information thrown at me all the time, and unless I write it down, I tend to lose it. Then, there are a lot of important things that are said and I need to make sure I document them for  later use.

I have tried many different ways to capture all of this info and have not found something that I liked. I started out with the plain paper and pen route, and although that is reliable, I wanted to use something where I could access it at any time. Besides, I type faster than I can write. I tried to use a variety of note taking applications on my Mac and iPad and found most of them just okay, and nothing that really stood out for me.

One app that I always seem to come back to is Evernote. I like that I can access it from just about anywhere and that it is integrated with other apps. So a little while back, I was searching through the Evernote Trunk to see if there were any cool, new apps to try out, and to my delight, I stumbled upon one that seemed to address my note taking needs. The app is called KustomNote and it it is a great note taking app that connects with your Evernote account, making it even better for taking quick notes.

Creating Your KustomNote

When I first started to play around with KustomNote, I thought that it looked and felt like a bit like Google Forms. The main goal behind the app is letting you create your own type of template for your note taking needs. For example, I needed to create a template for my phone messages because I log them each time I get one. It is very easy to create your own template ,and all you have to do to get started is to fill in the boxes to label it. Since it is connected with Evernote, you get to choose what folder in Evernote it goes to.

Creating your own template

Creating your own template

After you are finished with all of the labeling, this is where the actual template making comes in to play. You are presented with 5 different fields that you can use to your desire. They can range from something like a checkbox or slots to add any other important information you see fit. It takes a little while to really see the power in this, but with practice I realized that I could come up with some pretty good forms to help me out in my daily work.

Different types of things you can have on your template

Different types of things you can have on your template

Better yet, if you are having a hard time creating your own template or just don’t know where to start, KustomNote has a pretty decent library of templates that other people have made that you can choose from. Some people have come up with some good templates that can be used in a variety of ways. What is nice is that anyone can contribute to this library just by making the template they create a public one.

Selection of public templates

Selection of public templates, with a Windows 8 style UI

 Evernote and KustomNote Integration

Unless you are an Evernote user, to be perfectly honest, this app is not going to excite you in anyway, nor is it going to be useful to you. What makes Kustomnote even better is this partnership that they have with Evernote. From logging in to storing your notes, everything is based on Evernote. What is nice about this is that all the notes that you take on KustomNote gets saved back to Evernote in your custom folder.

I love this because since Evernote is on my Mac, iPad, iPhone and web, no matter where I am at, I can have access to the notes that I took. I don’t have to worry about what application it was stored in and if I can get to it or not. What also makes this integration super helpful is the fact that Kustomnote not only saves your notes you create within the app, but it also lets you view your notes that you have created in Evernote. It even lets me edit, share and print my notes that I created in Evernote as well, which is really handy because now I can just work within Kustomnote if I need to and everything syncs between both apps.

Evernote Integration

Evernote Integration

Not For Everyone

I will be the first to admit that KustomNote is only really for a certain group of people. For one, you have to have an Evernote account, so that in itself already rules out some people, and then you have to want to use KustomNote for specific types of notes. As I mentioned before, I use it to log phone messages, and I also use it to take notes when I meet with students and parents.

It is not your free flowing type of note taking app where you can just open it up and start taking notes, similar to like Simplenote. Its main purpose is to provide the user with the ability to create or choose a template that they would use over and over for specific types of notes. If you’ve been looking for an app like that, it might be just for you. Otherwise, you might be better with Evernote on its own, or another notes app.

Final Thoughts

Although Kustomnote may not be for everyone, for those that would have a purpose for it, I think, will like it. The app is somewhat brand new so it is still a little rough around the edges and has a few bugs that still need to be worked out. I enjoyed using it to create a template for my own note taking and I loved the Evernote integration and how I could access and edit my notes even if they weren’t created within Kustomnote. The app itself is free to use, so if you are an Evernote user and are looking for ways to take better notes, you should definitely go and check this app out.


Create custom note templates to use and share with others.