Create a Good Looking Splash Page With Onepager

The web can be a powerful place to advertise and to promote your business or yourself. There are so many different ways to advertise on the net and depending on how much you are willing to spend in time and money, you can definitely be creative with what you are trying to promote. But sometimes we don’t have the time or the finances to create something that goes viral and gets us a ton of exposure. Sometimes, we just want a simple way to let people know about our business or just to promote ourselves.

If you fall into this category, don’t fear, there are still a wide variety of ways that you can promote your business on the web without having to fork over a lot of money. One of those ways can be done using a cool web app called Onepager, where you can create your own page to promote just about anything you want to. I have been playing with it for most of the day and I have to say I was intrigued by it and I could definitely see the different possibilities for how it can be used.

Personalizing Your Page

The concept of Onepager is very simple, and it is exactly like the name says. You get one page where you can do as you may to promote yourself, a business, or whatever else you want to do. When you first start to create your page, you start off with a blank template that you get to choose what you want to put on it and how you want it to be used. Onepager is geared toward businesses, and so when you start to fill in the templates you will see that they ask for business type of things, but like I said, you don’t have to necessarily use it for that purpose.

Adding content about yourself or business

Adding content about yourself or business

Once you fill in the major details, you can start to choose a theme to use, and Onepager has a pretty decent variety to choose from. If you don’t like the ones that they offer, you also have the option to create your own background, which is a nice option to have for those that want to personalize their page. Speaking of customizing, you can also change the type of font, color, and size of it as well.

Customizing options for background and fonts

Customizing options for background and fonts

Adding Content

Since your page is meant to promote you or your business, Onepager has a variety of things that you can add to meet your needs. Without explaining every single thing you can add, some of the highlights are that you can have social buttons that connect to all of the major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to name a few. You can also personalize your page by advertising the services you provide as well as the hours you are open. You can also add different types of media to your page and even sell goods from it as well.

Features that can be added to your page

Features that can be added to your page


When I was testing out Onepager, I went with their free package and they have a decent amount of features for it. It is great for those who want to test it out or want to just have a personal page. But, for small businesses that are looking to do more, there are three different packages to choose from with the first one starting at $10 and going all the way up to $159 per month. If you are willing to pay for a year, you can get 25% off those prices. As a partner with my wife in her small business, I have to say, that I am not sure if I would be willing to pay those prices just for a splash page.

Pricing structure for Onepager

Pricing structure for Onepager


As I have eluded to already in this post, Onepager can be used for a variety of purposes. I really liked that it was flexible enough that it could be used as a personal contact page or as a business landing page and lots of other things in between. They give you a lots of options to really personalize your site and to be able to make it your own. You can even customize your URL or use your own custom domain.

Different than services like or, Onepager has the ability to do a lot of the same things of these sites, but it also has features that also are geared toward small and big business. The only down side is that their pricing is geared toward businesses, so most people who will want to use this will be those types of people.


Overall, I really liked using Onepager and I think this is perfect for small businesses who are looking to gain a web presence in some fashion and either don’t want to or don’t have the time or expertise to create a full blown website. I don’t see many big businesses using this as they probably have the capital and man power to have their own website.

Whether you are looking to create a good looking contact page or if you are wanting to advertise your business, I definitely think you should check out Onepager. For those of you that have been weary of getting your business on the web because you are not tech savvy, this web app is for you. So, business owners, would you use something like this, or would you rather stick to having your own website?


Create a personalized splash page for your business or yourself with Onepager