Doxie One: A Great Introductory Wireless Scanner

A while back I had the opportunity to review the Doxie Go and I absolutely loved it and I still use it till this day. Then, a few weeks later, I remember a friend asking me about the Doxie Go and how he liked what he read in the review, but couldn’t afford to pay $200 for a scanner. He had the original Doxie and liked it, but was looking to upgrade and he mentioned to me how he wish there was something that was in the middle of the original Doxie and the Doxie Go.

Well, I was excited to message him a couple of weeks ago to let him know that his request for a middle of the road Doxie had finally come to fruition. The company just recently launched a new scanner called the Doxie One and once again, they graciously gave me the opportunity to review one. For the past week or so, I have been able to use it and have been able to put it through some tests.

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One of the first things that I noticed as I started to open up this scanner was that it looked identical to the Doxie Go. In fact, you probably couldn’t tell the two a part. This scanner is also considered a wireless scanner, but it does come with some caveats. If you are going to go wireless, you have to be able to provide your own AA batteries to power it, otherwise you can have it plugged in to use it as well.

The Doxie One comes with a 2 GB SD card which can be used to store your scans and later be transferred onto your computer, or iOS device. This can come in very handy for those of you that don’t want to have to keep plugging in your scanner to your computer. It also gives you more options as to where you can store your scans as well. As always, the Doxie Go is integrated with different cloud apps, like Dropbox and Evernote through your Mac, PC, or tablet. What is really great about this feature is the fact that you can now use it without having to have a  computer. Since it has an SD card, you can transfer it to your iPad and then upload it to your cloud storage from there, which gives you the opportunity to take this anywhere and not feel like you have to bring your laptop with you.

The last feature is that the top cover of your Doxie One is interchangeable and you can change it  out with a variety of other colors which will cost you $10. That is kind of cool to be able to personalize it the way that you want to. The scanner itself will set you back $149 and there are a few other accessories that you can get as well, like the iOS SD card reader or rechargeable batteries.

In the Middle

Having previously owned the original Doxie scanner as well as the Doxie Go, I can truly say that this one is definitely the true middle ground between the two. You get wireless scanning, but you have to swap out the SD card to get your scans to and from your Doxie to another device. The Doxie Go, on the other hand, has an Eye-Fi card in it for true wireless scanning. I am going to assume you can put an Eye-Fi card in this one as well, which would be nice, but there’s no documentation about that. Then, with the original Doxie, you had to have your scanner tethered no matter what, so this is definitely a step up. What I did like about this one is that the speed at which it scanned documents was just as good as the Doxie Go.

When you take a look at this scanner, this is perfect for those people that want to try out a good wireless scanner without breaking the bank. Yes, you don’t get all the benefits of a truly wireless device, but you do get a taste of it, and for most people that will be fine. For the same price as the original Doxie, to me it is almost a no brainer to get this one. As a web app user, it’s frustrating to see that the Doxie One doesn’t support automatic uploading to web apps like Evernote, but you can still get your scans to the web apps you use once you copy them from the SD card. Even if you’re using the Chromebook — Google’s cloud-only laptop — you can get your scans online from the SD card, making it a great accessory if you’re wanting to scan without needing drivers or anything else.

The Doxie App connects your scanner to local apps or the cloud

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market to purchase a scanner, you have to seriously consider looking at the Doxie One. I am not saying that just because they let me review one, but what I truly appreciate about this device is that it is well made, easy to use, portable, and it all comes at a good price. I really put the Doxie One through its rigors over the past week and it always scanned with ease, no problems whatsoever.

Get rid of those wires, we have too many of them, anyways, and go and check out how nice it is to have a a wireless scanner with the Doxie One. Once you start using this device, you are going to wonder how you ever got by without it.


Doxie One is a wireless scanner that integrates with a lot of different web apps we use on a daily basis ... albeit only through their app, since it doesn't connect directly to the internet.