Let Magisto Edit Your Video For You

I have a huge amount of respect for people who are video editors, as they spend countless hours sitting at the computer staring at the same set of videos over and over. I know I don’t have the patience or the desire to spend that much time on it. But, with all of the video that I take of my son and with proud grandparents that want to show off their grandchild, I have been doing my fair share of sitting in front of the computer doing this very process.

As much as I love using iMovie, I can definitely appreciate when an app practically does the video editing for you. That is Magisto in its simplest form: a web app that can take the videos you have and edit them for you to create a pretty cool looking movie. It honestly is like magic and it makes my job a breeze, and not only that, it makes me look like I actually know what I am doing when it comes to video editing. Let me show you around the app a little more to give you an idea of what it does.

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Making your Home Movie

When you are ready to get your video editing magic on, the first thing you need to do is upload the videos that you want to use in your movie. You can have up to 16 files that total 600MB and it can’t be longer than 15 minutes, which for most people, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are just making a short movie. The nice part about this part is that not only can you choose to upload files from your computer, but Magisto has also integrated Google Drive, so that you can get videos from there too. I am not sure if I would ever store videos there, but it is a nice option to have.

Selecting your media

Selecting your media

When you are done uploading all the videos you want to use, you then have to pick the soundtrack that you want to accompany your movie. You can either upload a song that you have on your computer, or you can choose from the music selection that Magisto has available. They have a pretty decent library of music that is broken up into categories and as I searched through, they had a lot of songs that I recognized, and I am not a music aficionado by any means.

Selecting your background music

Selecting your background music

Once you have done this last step, you now let Magisto do its thing. Now, what is this thing you ask? Well, this is exactly what makes it such a cool app to use. Magisto, takes the videos you chose and basically edits them for you, uses the music you chose and puts together a really good looking movie for you to show others. You don’t have to do any of the video editing yourself, you let it do it for you!

Sharing With Others

Of course, most people don’t make home movies to just keep to themselves, they usually want to share it with other friends and family. Magisto makes it really easy to do this, by giving you options to share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and also email. There is even an option to embed the video on a website, which I really like since we use a blog to show our families all of our son’s pictures and home movies.

Sharing and watching your movie

Sharing and watching your movie

Good, But Not Perfect

The main attraction to using an app like Magisto, is that it does a task for you that most people don’t like to do or want to take the time to do. This feature alone will attract many people toward the app, but at the same time, this will also turn a lot of people away. You have to realize that even though Magisto does the video editing for you, you have no control over what gets put into the final product, you are trusting that the app will do a good job. Which after making a handful of movies using it, I have to say it did a pretty good job.

Magisto will be perfect for those that just want to throw together a quick home movie and don’t really have the skills or time to make it themselves. For those that want to have control over what gets put into the final product, then this is really not the app for you to use. You are honestly going to be better off using iMovie or something similar.


Overall, I have to say, I really liked using the app and it was very easy and quick to create my home movie. I would love to see an option where you could add pictures as well as video and it would be nice if we could upload media from other services like Dropbox. The app is free to use and I would love to see some kind of option to pay for more features. They also have an iPhone app which does a lot of the same things as the web app does. Go and check it out and I think you will be amazed at how well it edits your videos.


Let Magisto create and edit good quality home movies for you.