Hermit: The Simplest Way to Journal

Keeping a diary is a great way to make sure you remember all the things that are going on in your life for years to come — and yet, it’s incredibly hard to make yourself regularly journal. It’s easier to write something funny on Facebook or Twitter and watch the comments and likes roll in. That’s somehow more rewarding right now. And yet, a private journal where you keep track of your deepest thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams — or just the mundane stuff that happens every day — can be far more rewarding in the long run.

You just need a private space to write that makes it easy to jot your daily thoughts down — and that’s exactly what the new web app Hermit is designed for. It’s just about your daily writing, and that’s it.

An Online Paper Journal for Private People


Hermit is easily the most simple journaling app. After making a free account — one, interestingly enough, with your own subdomain — you are presented with a blank page to write. It starts with a faded Dear Diary, prompt, but you can type anything you want — a journal entry about today, a poem you just thought up, a thought stream that you add to throughout the day, or anything else you want. There’s no formatting, no Markdown or HTML support, no images. All there is is your text, rendered in HJ&F’s Mercury Display font, one page at a time.

Finish a page up with as long or short an entry as you like, and you can create a new page from the link at the bottom. Free accounts let you create one new page per day — perfect for a daily journal entry — while paid accounts let you make unlimited new pages per day. It’s just like a paper journal, really, where you fill it up one page at a time.

And that’s it. There’s an option on the bottom to download your pages as a PDF, but there’s nothing else. No option to search through everything, or see all entries together: it’s just your writing in individual pages. And that’s actually nice if you’ve been wanting a dead-simple way to journal. There’s nothing extra to think about.

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Definitely Worth a Try

Hermit’s simple — and that’s the point. It’s essentially just like a paper diary, only it lives on your screen. No frills, no settings, no social sharing buttons — just you and your words.

If you’ve been looking for a dead-simple way to jot down your thoughts each day, Hermit might be the app for you. It’s 100% free if you only write one journal entry per day, and just $12/year to write as many entries a day as you’d like if you signup with our exclusive coupon code appstorm50.


A no-frills online journal app that makes it insanely easy to write your thoughts down about the day. Use coupon code "appstorm50" to get 50% off your first year.