English Central, A Fun Place to Learn English

From Bangkok to Bangladesh, Tokyo to Tibet, English is the global language today. Like it or not, the biggest brands and most popular media usually is in English. It’s the language of business and trade, government and pop culture, and it’s here to stay in a thousand different variants. Problem is, everyone isn’t a native English speaker, and many of us spend a great portion of our lives trying to master the global tongue.

English Central believes that words is the building block of the English language, and developing a rich vocabulary is the best thing for a learner. To help learners do this, they have created a unique online learning environment that involves watching videos, and pronouncing words in these videos with the help from English Central’s experts.  And the great thing about this system is that you can do all this from the convenience of your own computer.

Joining a Class

Getting started with English Central is much easier than finding a local English class and signing up. You can simply register for a free account, and you’ll get all their features, but you’ll learn more words by upgrading to their premium account. Their premium account is $10/month or $80/year. And if you just want to try it out, you can run through a number of sample videos right on their homepage.

With English Central, you can focus not only on learning English as a language, but also dive into particular subjects that matter the most for you. You can choose from business, travel, social, media, or pronunciation topic. Each topic has its own vocabulary, and you must choose your topic as part of your registration.  Don’t worry if you are not sure the topic that you want to learn; you can always add more topics after you complete your registration.

Choose a topic

When you register at English Central, you can select a level based on internationally recognized English levels. The videos and vocabulary you see on the site are then filtered to show only those that match the English level that you have chosen.

English Central has 7 level, where level 1 is the beginner level, and 7 the expert level. We can change this difficulty level any time by clicking on the progress bar at the top of every screen. To progress through the seven level, you must master all the words at each level. Thanks to this levelling system, English learners of a wide range of abilities – from beginners to near-native experts – can all enjoy the power and personalization of English Central.

Choose Your Language Level

English Central measures your progress by the number of vocabulary that you acquire, which at English Central that means exposing yourself to new words through videos, and assessing your pronunciation with their proprietary speech assessment technology. To take full advantage of this technology, you will need to do a lot of speaking, so be sure to prepare a microphone.

Start Your Lessons

You won’t get bored in English Central; learning English is tons of fun here. They have a wide range of videos featuring celebrities, cartoons, TV programs, and much more for you to choose from.

Video by Topic

When you click on the video, English Central shows you transcript for the video, and lets you record your speech. They call this “speaking a video”, and every time you speak a video, their system ‘listens’ for a variety of sounds. The more you speak, English Central’s assessment on your proficiency level will be more accurate. The more data they have, the better they will be in identifying your personal sound challenges, helping you focus on the sounds for which you could benefit the most from some improvement.

Click the microphone button to start recording your own voice. This is English Central’s unique feature. English Central will mark word as green where there is no error, yellow when English Central suspects pronunciation errors, red for words you have not recorded before, and a red “P” when their system hears an incorrect pause.

Practice Your Pronunciation

English Central has a lot of videos for the words that you are learning. If you want to focus on a particular word, click on that word, and you’ll get a long list of video clips for that word. The green progress bar will increase as you watch more videos.

Your Progress

If you are studying more than one words, English Central will summarize your progress in your Vocabulary page. You can check your progress by going to the Vocabulary sub-menu. Here you’ll find a list of words that you are practising with some accompanying videos.

Vocabulary Sub-Menu

Use the filter by option to refine a list of words that you want to see.  Choosing ‘In Progress’ will list all the words that you have seen in English Central. Mastered option lists all the words that you have mastered in English Central. Known option lists all the word that you have known.

Vocabulary Filters

When you see a word in the list that you have already known, you can tick this checkbox, and English Central will move that word to the ‘Known’ word list.

Known Words

Practice Your Pronunciation

Each video you speak contributes to your sound challenge assessment. If you’d like to help English Central diagnose a particular sound, then practice a Pronunciation Clip list for that sound. Head over to the Browse tab, and choose the Pronunciation sub-menu.

Pronunciation Center

On this page, you’ll get a complete explanation how to make the proper sound using your articulators – your lips, your tongue, your mouth.  Click any of the sounds under the pronunciation list, and you’ll find video instructions on how to pronounce words correctly.

Sound Formation

Your Rankings

To master a word in English Central, you have to watch videos, speak the videos, and learn the word 5 times in the Learn Words application. You’ll find a link to this application on the Vocabulary page.

Learn Words

In this application, you have to get two correct quiz cards to learn a word. Three consecutive mistakes on the same word remove it from the quiz for that session, so you can come back to study it again. To “master” a word, you must successfully learn it five times over increasingly longer periods of time.

Quiz Cards

English Central keep tracks the number of videos that you have watched, the total number words that you have pronounced, the number of words that you have learned, and rank you against other English Central learners worldwide in the scoreboard  that you can access from the top menu.

My Rank Button



Learning English in English Central means learning words.  What they mean, how they are pronounced, and how they are used in daily life online with videos, online quizzes, and recorded help from experts. But learning a language is more than just knowing words. It is about using these words in writing and conversation. If you are looking for a place to learn English from the convenient of your computer, English Central is definitely the place to go.

But be sure to learn how to write, and if you happen to know a native English speaker, talk to them. Get yourself used to speaking English on a real life context. And hey, keep reading AppStorm and let us know what you think of our articles … you can at least practice your written English that way!


Learn English naturally from pop-culture and technology focused videos that help you master individual words in English and bring it all together.