Easy Web Content Presenter: The Newest PowerPoint Competitor

Need to make a PowerPoint for your class? Yup, that’s right: a PowerPoint, not a presentation. The staple of Microsoft’s Office Suite, PowerPoint is synonymous with presentations these days. But it’s far from the only way to create presentations and share them with your audience.

In the past, we’ve covered 280 Slides and SlideRocket, not to mention Google Docs Presentations, that lets you create presentations online. Today, we present to you yet another very handy online utility, Easy Web Content Presenter, that lets you create feature rich presentations online with a bit more control over them than you’ve ever had before.


Easy Web Content Presenter is a very useful web app for creating professional presentations online. With Easy Web Presenter, you can not only create web presentations but you can also create infographics, banner ads, teasers and landing pages, product demos, charts and graphs, mock-ups and much.

Easy Web Content Presenter Homepage

Interface and Usage

Easy Web Content Presenter is a very simple and easy to use tool. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or an amateur user, you can still create excellent presentations with minimum knowledge. To get started, you must sign up for an account which is free of cost.

Easy Web Content Presenter Registration Page

After registration, it will redirect you to your dashboard from where you can create new projects. Just click on the Create New Project and name your project.

After that, it will redirect you to the main dashboard where you will be presented with the things you can make with Easy Web Content Presenter. You can either start with the custom canvas where you will start creating your presentation from scratch or you can select from the list of custom themes and templates that are available on the site. You can even create banner advertisements for your site as well. As the service is still in beta, some features are not available, including infographics and product demos, but hopefully they will be released soon.

The type of projects you can create using Easy Web Content Presenter

Just select your desired presentation theme and it will open the editor from where you can manually add text and other media elements to your presentations. Just double click on the sample text and add what you want to include in your presentations. You can add text, shapes, icons, images, info graphs and media files to your presentations.

Easy Web Content Presenter Editor

The right sidebar will show you different presentation properties such as creating new slides, managing canvas size, adding transition effects and animations, customizing width and size of different elements and much more.

Creating and Managing Slides in Easy Web Content Presenter

If you want, you can even preview your presentations online. After completing your presentation, all you have to do is click on the Save button at the top and it will save the project in your account.

Saving presentations

After finishing your presentation, you can even share them with your colleagues using a separate URL or embed the presentation on your website. Currently, you cannot share the presentation via email or download it on your computer as this feature is not yet available in beta stage. This is something they should release as soon as the service goes public. As the service is mobile friendly, you can even use the presentation link on your mobile or tablet and view the presentation on your mobile device (I checked it on my iPhone and it worked fine).

Private URL which can be used to share the presentations

If you are still unsure about how to use this service, you can check the tutorials and example presentations that can be created using Easy Web Content Presenter.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Easy Web Content Presenter is a very handy online tool to create professional presentations without any advanced knowledge, but there are few things that must be taken care of including sharing presentations via email and downloading the final presentations to your computer.

If you tried Easy Web Content Presenter, we’d love to hear about your feedback in the comments below!


A simple tool with an unwieldily name for creating online presentations