Story Wheel: Give Your Pictures a Voice

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, or so the saying goes. It really does turn out to seem true much of the time. A picture can often tell the story of something without any words being said. The problem is, those “thousand words” are in the eyes of the beholder and not necessarily the words that the picture taker meant for the actual photo.

What you need is a way to put your voice behind your pictures, and Story Wheel is a unique web app designed just for that. It can give the photographer so they can really tell the unique story behind the picture. It’s an intriguing concept that could just be the next best way to share your pictures rather than just putting them in a photo gallery.

How It Works?

Story Wheel is very easy to start using because there is no sign up forms, so you can get started right away, creating your own story wheel. The first thing you need to do is add some pictures. In order to do this you are asked to connect to Instagram and to be honest, I was kind of surprised that you had to connect to Instagram and that you couldn’t use other pictures. But, I will talk more about that later. 

Connect to Instagram

Connect to Instagram ... the only way to create a Story Wheel

Once you are connected, your Instagram photos are available for you to use in your story wheel. You drag and drop your pictures into the timeline and they can be rearranged into whatever order you want them in. I am not exactly sure how many pictures can be in a story wheel, but it looks like you can put in a sufficient amount of them.

Selecting your pictures

Selecting your pictures

When your pictures are put in the order that you want them, now is the time to give your story a voice. Each image is displayed and then you are able to tell the story behind each and every one you selected. You can record your voice and talk your audience through the story of your picture, naturally.

Recording Your Voice

Recording Your Voice

Once this is done you can now create a title for it and connect with SoundCloud if you have an account with them. When your story wheel is finished being uploaded, you can now preview it as well as tweet it and “like” it on Facebook. Each story wheel that is created also has a unique link that you can share with others also.

Playing and sharing your story wheel

Playing and sharing your story wheel

So Much Potential

I write that heading with some slight reservation. Story Wheel was created from the SoundCloud Labs, which is a place where apps can be made using the SoundCloud API. The thing about this app is that you can definitely tell that it is version 1.0, but I can also see the great potential for an app like this. I believe that if they are able to really get some dedicated people around this app and move it forward they can do some great things. To be able to incorporate both voice and images together really gives the user the ability to tell the story.

But my reservation is there because I do see some flaws that need to be corrected. For one, the glaring flaw was the connection with Instagram. I am okay with that connection, but for some reason not all of my Instagram pics were imported, and only certain ones were available to select. Secondly, why only Instagram? Why not let me use pictures that are on my computer? I think this would definitely appeal more to the masses if that was the case, especially since Instagram is an iOS only app for now.

My other huge reservation was the fact that there was no sign up or a way to create an account. Yes, it is nice not to have to do this and to get started right away. But, with something like this, where you are building something that has some meaning to you, you at least want to be able to save your work for later. Although I can save the links from the different story wheels I made, I would have liked to have seen an easier way to be able to look at all of my story wheels. I feel that if I could create an account, then all of them could be displayed there and then I can still share them out later or look back on them when I want.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t think that I don’t like this web app because I see the potential for it and I get excited for where it can go. My reservation is that I have seen way to many projects like this get started and not get off the ground because they fail to evolve over time. Time will tell whether this app will be a good one or not.

But, for now, if you are interested in being able to tell a story through pictures, this is a great way to do it. It is dead simple to use and practically takes no time at all. Story Wheel is free to use so go and give your pictures their “thousand words” that they deserve.


Make a slideshow with your pictures and voice.