Snippic: Photobooth In Your Browser

If your computer doesn’t have a built-in webcam app, your camera might sit there unused, even when it could have a ton of fun potential. For Mac and iOS users, this has always been pretty easy, since they can use the Photobooth app to quickly take all the fun pictures you like. Windows 8 now has a built-in camera app, but for everyone else, you’ll have to go searching for another app.

In an age when the web possesses everything we would ever need, you probably could of guessed there was some kind of alternative online. Snappic is an app which definitely fits the bill. Acting as a Photobooth in your browser, Snippic could soon become a party favourite!

Using Snippic

First, there is no need to log in or create an account on the site. The only necessity is that you type in your name, which serves as the album title. You do have the option to login with Facebook which means that your pictures will be saved for later viewing.

The opening screen.

Once you’ve typed in your name you’ll be taken to the photo screen. As you should expect, you will need a webcam connected to your computer, or the app is kind of pointless. On this screen you will have three different modes: Basic, Awesome and Timelapse.

Basic you will just be taking a normal photo with a three second countdown. Awesome will ask you to act out a word which will appear on the screen. Finally, Timelapse will allow you to keep taking pictures over and over automatically setting the specific time gap between each one.

Taking your pictures.

After you have all your photos you can click the button, Make My Movie. Here you will be able to add music to your photos as well as picking how many frames per second you would like to show. And you’re done. Working your way around Snippic couldn’t be any easier

Why it’s nice

Unless you’re a keen user of Skype or another web chat app, you probably don’t use your webcam as much as you should. Using Snippic, you’ll be getting much better use out of your webcam and actually make use of something you’ve invested in. Although, the majority of would prefer not to invest a huge amount of money in one. And yes, there is webcams which cost around the £5-£20 mark which seem quite reasonable. But, from experience, these aren’t the best.

Making the final adjustments to your movie.

Improvements Desperately Needed

Unlike Apple’s Photobooth, Snippic can only really do one thing: take a plain picture. Once you’ve taken the picture that will be it, you have an un-edited and pretty boring picture (which you can turn into a movie) – this is one of my main gripes. The reason Photo Booth has been received well was because it was fun. You could change the layout of the picture, putting yourself in a different background, or even make your face go a weird shape. These are the features which made the app so desirable.

Snippic doesn’t have any hint of this at all. Really, it’s just a camera in your browser. If Snippic was even going to match the standard of Photobooth, extensive editing features would need to be present. Yes, this app has an element of fun. But, it’s not going to appeal to such a wide audience because of this lack in features.

Still early days.

One thing to bear in mind though is that the app is still in the BETA testing phase. This is also developed by three LEGO designers, meaning that there isn’t a massive team behind the app. It’s remarkable to see what they have achieved in such a short space of time though. Being in BETA also means that the developers are always up for you giving feedback. Clicking on the About us and Contact at the top will allow you to give constructive feedback to the developers. I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say.

When Would You Use Snippic

There’s probably a lot of you reading who are asking, “when would I use this in my life?” Basically, this is an app for events or fun with friends. This isn’t an app for just you. It’s a time waster which creates fun in an easy and free package. Which in turn means that you probably won’t be using Snippic all the time. Although, it’s a nice app to have in your arsenal when boring moments happen.


Ok, yes, this app does have its flaws, but, doesn’t everything? The lack of extra features is slim pickings too, but, you still do have that ability to change your pictures into a movie. These can be developed further in the future and I’m sure that some of these things will be fixed. However, on the positive side this is definitely a capable application. Its purpose is to take photos quickly and that’s actually what it does. The ease of everything is just fantastic too, being able to start by just typing in your name is a great way to get going fast.

Planning a party soon? Want to have something to do with friends? Snippic should be your first stop for some quick fun.


Snippic is a Photobooth like app which allows you to quickly snap pictures in your browser.