PicDigest: Automatically Share Your Facebook And Instagram Photos

Nowadays, it seems that everyone’s sharing pictures all the time on Facebook and Instagram. It only takes a few seconds, and everyone you know can keep up with your life. However, it’s not quite so simple when you have to share those photos with people who are not on any social network. One way to share the photos with them would be to email them every day or upload them on cloud storage services like Dropbox , but that’d be a very annoying task, and the majority of us would forget one day or another.

The solution to this simple problem is PicDigest, a handy service that allows users to automatically send the photos they upload on Facebook or Instagram to people who are not registered on these websites. Want to turn your photos into a quite nice little email newsletter? Here’s the app for you.

Getting Started

PicDigest is a very handy utility that allows users to send photos from Facebook and Instagram to people who are not registered on these social networks. All you have to do connect your accounts with PicDigest and specify the email address of the people you want to send your photos to, and it will automatically email those recently shared photos to the recipients. It’s a simple way, say, to share pictures with your grandparents, or perhaps to make a photo newsletter for your blog.

Using PicDigest is very simple and straightforward. To get started, just visit PicDigest and connect your Facebook or Instagram account. After authorizing the website, it will ask you to confirm your name and email address which will be used to contact the recipient. You will also be asked to specify the email address of the recipients you want to share your photos with.

Login Methods Offered by PicDigest

After signing up, you will be redirected to PicDigest dashboard where it will show you all the information about the recipients, your email address and name which will be used to contact the recipient, connecting your accounts and upgrade options. You’ll be able to send emailed pictures to one recipient for free for a month, but will need to upgrade for $2/month to send emails after that – though the good thing is, you can send them to as many recipients as you want.

Picdigest Dashboard

It’s Email Time

When you register for the first time, PicDigest sends an email to the recipient showing all the previous images that were shared by the user to test the service. It will notify the recipient that he has been added to the list of people who will receive daily photos shared by the specific user.

The images in email are displayed in a simple and user friendly interface with captions which can be saved by users whether they are using their computer to check them or their smartphones.

Picdigest Email View

If the recipient doesn’t want to receive any emails from PicDigest, he/she can easily unsubscribe using the link given at the end of the email. The unsubscribe button is present, but its hidden at the end of the email and many users may not be able to find it for the first time, but that’s not much different from other email newsletter tools.

Picdigest Unsubscribe

Wrapping Up

PicDigest is a neat idea for those who want to include people who only use email in their social networking lives. However, I noticed that the service still has a few of drawbacks.

First of all, when you sign up for an account, it asks you to authorize your account on Instagram/Facebook and then ask you about the recipient and your information. When you authorize one account, for example Instagram, it will send all the images from Instagram to your email subscribers, and you will have to manually add the second account from your dashboard and it’ll then resend the emails. It would be nice if it first asks you to connect both accounts and send one email with photos from both accounts. Then, obviously, there’s the issue of price; many people aren’t going to want to pay for something like this, and you could do something similar with IFTTT or other tools for free.

One good thing about the service is that it doesn’t require the recipients to sign up for any account or anything of that sort to view the photos. Also, it’s nice that they only send you email once every day with all the shared photos from the connected accounts, instead of emailing as soon as a new photo is added. So, overall, it’s a nice little service despite its drawbacks.

If you’ve tried PicDigest, we would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!


A simple tool to let you automatically email your Instagram and Facebook photos to friends and more. A great way to turn your photos into an email newsletter.