Photo Raster: An Advanced Online Photo Editor

Photo editors are something which we all need from time to time. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual blogger, editing tools are necessary for most of our jobs. However, choosing the right one for you is a difficult task, and the majority of us don’t have spare money to invest in some of the high end software. This means it’s pretty slim pickings if you want a capable program will a relatively low price tag.

Recently, I’ve came across Photo Raster, a web app that fit the bill perfectly, something I never expected to happen. Read on to find out how Photo Raster fits into my workflow.

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The thing which really struck a chord with me was that Photo Raster was fully online. There was no need to download any programs or even an add-on to your browser. All you needed was access to the web, and this astounded me, as it’s far more advanced than most web apps you come across. After delving deeper I was pleased even more. The ease, and functionality of the app was just fantastic. It gave me everything I wanted in one simple package, and I loved it.

Main webpage for Photo Raster.

Tools And Features

To be honest, I was expecting the amount of features to be pretty limited. Maybe some resizing options, crop, something like Paint. In fact, I was very wrong. For example, just in the Adjustments section you have tools ranging from brightness to effects such as threshold and thermal vision. You have all the basic things in Image Transformation, and a huge amount of options in Image Filters. And that’s not all: the developers are promising more features that will be added over time.

The tools at your disposable.

Functionality and Interface

The interface highly resembles Paint Shop Pro – which is one I love for its simplicity. And the same can be said for Photo Raster. This is an interface which isn’t too overcrowded and is very self-explanatory. Everything is there in front of you and it won’t take much effort to find what you’re looking for.

The general layout for the Photo Raster app.

As far as functionality goes, this app works perfectly, and so far I’ve experienced no major problems. Aside from the common photo editing features, there’s another two things which make this app so special. Firstly, because of the fact the whole program is online, there is no need to install anything. Once you’ve registered an account you’re done and ready to go, no matter what computer you’re using.

The features work just like you’d expect in a full-featured image editor, right from any browser, no matter where on earth you happen to be. That’s why we love web apps, and it’s exciting to see such a full-featured web app for photo editing.

The “Layer” features and the left hand toolbar.

On the topic of functionality, I did find quite a big gripe which caused a bit of a worry for me. Being a Firefox user, I decided to load up the app on my favourite browser. Unfortunately, after watching a loading screen for ten minutes I decided something must be wrong. Peering through the web page I found out that the app works best with Google Chrome. After re-installing a browser which really annoys me, Photo Raster worked perfectly – loading up in a matter of seconds.

I know that a lot of you won’t mind this because of Google Chrome being your main browser anyway. However, for me and many others, if you want to use this app I would recommend using Chrome as you will have a hard time with any other option.

More To Come!

One thing you’ll need to bear in mind though, is that however good the software may be now, Photo Raster is still in Beta. This definitely means that better things are sure to come. As we all know the difference between the Beta version and the final product are often a massive leap. Admittedly, I can’t wait till the online editor is finally completed.

I’d also like to comment on price. At the current moment Photo Raster is free for the Beta period. This gives you an easy chance to test out the hardware before you decide to invest. Also, the best thing is, once the software is released you’ll only need to pay $9/year. This, in my opinion, is a highly respectable and reasonable price. By far this isn’t an overpriced program, and to be honest, I would definitely pay this twice or three times over.


All in all, Photo Raster is a fantastic looking application which I’m already using on a regular basis. I love that there is never any installation needed and you’re not taking up any space on your hard-drive. Basically, the only potential problem could be lack of internet connection, but really, how frequently does that occur these days?

What’s your take on online photo editors? Would Photo Raster work for you?


As an advanced online photo editor, Photo Raster offers all the desirable features in an easy to use package.