Evver Makes Slideshow Videos Insanely Simple to Create, from Anywhere

If you’ve ever tried turning pictures into a video slideshow complete with nice yet subtle animations and music you’re licensed to share, you’ve likely wondered why it’s not easier. It’s at best something that’ll take you a half hour in an app like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, and that’s if your internet upload speed is decent. Making a video online sounds ludicrous at first bluff, since web apps are usually relatively slow and cumbersome to use.

But not Evver. It’s a web app designed solely to turn your pictures into beautiful music videos, and is the only web app I’ve ever seen that dumbfounded me with its speed. We looked at it back in July, but it’s grown up so much since then, it’s only right to take another look at it. Here’s why Evver is the app to use, on desktop or mobile, if you want to make an animated photo slideshow video.

A Web App That’s Faster Than Most Desktop Apps

Add and rearrange pictures quickly, from any browser — mobile or desktop

Here’s how it works. You launch the app, drag-and-drop in your photos, and you’ll be able to instantly preview them as they’re uploading and then rearrange, rotate, or delete them from your lineup. Then, you pick from an array of licensed music — mainly indie songs, but you’ll even find a Johnny Cash song in the lineup — to preview and add to your video in a tap. Finally, add a name, and Evver will automatically generate a video from your photos.

A decent selection of new and old music, licensed for your videos.

A decent selection of new and old music, licensed for your videos.

And that’s the magical part. Evver analyzes the song, and has your photos transition right along with the beat, to make the video feel perfect together. It works great, especially if you include more photos in your video, and — combined with the subtle Ken Burns effects on the photos — makes the finished video feel like you took time to perfect it (here’s an example made from, of all things, OS X Mavericks screenshots, since that was what I had handy). All the magic happens on Evver’s servers in a minute or so, so once you’ve uploaded your photos, you’ll just need to wait a tiny bit and your video will be ready to share or iFrame embed into your site, no more uploads needed. It’s nice.

What’s even nicer is that all of that works just as well from your smartphone or tablet browser. You can upload photos, drag-and-drop them into the order you want, add a song, and share the finished creation with the world, all as simply as using a native app. That’s easily the most impressive part of Evver.

You’ll Have to Try it For Yourself

Evver’s a bit of a tough sell, since most of us wouldn’t imagine creating videos in the browser. But it really works great, and is far faster than you’d ever imagine without trying it. So go try it. Take some of your summer pictures, turn them into a video in a minute or three with Evver, and see if you want to share it with your friends. I happen to bet you will. And if you make the video from your smartphone or tablet’s browser, you’ll be even more impressed by how well it works even on the go.

It’s a really cool little app that you should try out. And, hey: it’s free.


The simplest way to turn photos into an online slideshow, Evver is simpler and faster than ever.