Treater: Gift Giving of the Future?

I will be perfectly honest and say that I am not the best when it comes to buying gifts for people. I tend to not know what to buy or am too lazy to go out and shop. With Christmas coming up, I dread even going within a 100 feet of a mall if I don’t have to. I like to do all of my Christmas shopping online if I can.

Well, now there is a new way to give a gift to someone that you love or just want to surprise: Treater. It’s a web app that integrates with your Facebook account and gives you the opportunity to purchase and send gifts electronically. At first, I was a little skeptical by it, but when I tried it out it actually worked okay and I can see something like this being the future of gift giving. Let’s take a look at it.

How It Works

Like I had mentioned, when you first start Treater, you have to connect to a Facebook account. Once you are connected you then have to pick one of your Facebook friends to give a gift to. You are given suggestions based off of when people’s birthday’s are and you can also search for someone specifically.

Finding a friend to give a gift to

Finding a friend to give a gift to


Then, it is time to pick a gift that you are going to give them. There are eight different categories to choose from and within each category are a handful of places that you can select from. There are specific gifts that can be purchased or you can also create your own gift from a specific place. Gifts in Treater can range anywhere from $5 to a little over a $100. When you are ready to checkout, Treater adds a small fee to your gift as this is how they make their money.

Selecting a gift

Selecting a gift

Once you select a gift you then pay for it and send it to the person. There are a couple of ways that you can electronically send the gift to the person. You can have it texted to them or emailed and you can also announce their gift on Facebook if you want to. When they receive your gift they are given specific instructions as to how they can redeem it at the proper place.

Sending your gift

Sending your gift

Is It the Future or Just Laziness?

After using this web app and some other ones that are similar, I couldn’t help but launch into a discussion about this with my wife. The one thing that I really liked about Treater is that it gave you a simple, flexible, and easy way to give a gift to someone. If I just wanted to give someone a $5 gift card to use for coffee because they are having a bad week, I could do that. I see this as a great way to give people small gifts during random occasions and even giving bigger gifts for special ones.

But, my wife did bring up a good point by telling me that there is just something about receiving a physical gift from someone that really shows they went the extra mile to care. Ok, she does have a point, but I tend to argue that this is a great way to get people gifts quickly, and more often. From a business standpoint, this is a great idea, because it encourages people to buy gifts more because it is so easy to do.

A Couple Of Things That Bother Me

As I used the app to purchase a gift, I noticed two things that I wasn’t necessarily fond of. First, the connection with Facebook that just rubs me the wrong way. It is not that I hate Facebook, but I have never understood why app developers make you connect to Facebook as your only way of using the app. Yes, I know there are millions of people that use it, by why box yourself in by just letting in people who use Facebook? I just never understood that concept and I would love to see them open it up so that people who don’t use Facebook can also use the app.

Secondly, as Treater grows, I also hope the selection of retailers grow as well. I noticed when I was selecting a gift that a good handful of them were not in my area and I had never heard of some of them. Granted, Treater is just starting off and I am sure they had to connect with businesses that would be willing to go with them at first. But as they get bigger, and more well known, I hope that they are able to connect with more retailers to offer a wider selection of gifts for people to purchase.


With the holidays coming up and with malls starting to get busier and busier, Treater may just be the way to go to send that special someone a gift. I am interested to see where this space will go and if it will take off into a profitable venture. I personally think it has its niche group of people that like this concept and will use it. But, the big question is, will it appeal to the masses? What do you guys think? Is this the wave of the future or just pure laziness?


Purchase a gift and send it electronically for that special someone with Treater

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