Notegraphy: Making a Quote Worth a Thousand Words

Everyone’s taking the time to archive and share every beautiful thing they see on Instagram these days. Far more than just a simple snapshot, for most of us an Instagram photo requires just the right angle, just the right field of vision, and just the right filter. The finished work, far from being a real photo, is a little bit of art that anyone can make.

Short phrases are just as important these days. We think up the perfect witty 140 character phrases in response to everything happening around us, just for the @replies and retweets. But unlike Instagramed photos, there’s none of the timeless, artistic effects to our snippets of digital conversation.

Notegraphy is a brand new app that’s designed to bring the sense of wonder and essence of art to snippets of text. It’s a fun new way to share ideas, one that I’ve taken a liking to since I first tried it several months back.

A Way with Words

Late in July, I got an email from the OmmWriter team about a new app they’d been working on. OmmWriter’s one of the original minimalist writing apps for Mac and PC, one that goes beyond just taking away distractions and instead builds a full writing environment for you with ambient noise and colored backgrounds — and a moving keyboard on iOS — to draw you into your work. It sounds mad, but there’s a method to their madness that makes OmmWriter actually work. I don’t use it all the time, but I’ve always found OmmWriter an interesting project.

Notegraphy's writing space could be equally designed for short or longform writing

Notegraphy’s writing space could be equally designed for short or longform writing

So, after reading their brief introduction to Notegraphy, I hurriedly clicked the link to check it out, assuming that it was a copy of OmmWriter for the browser. I created a new note in the appropriately minimalist interface, started writing some creative thoughts down, then curiously clicked the Style It tab. That’s when I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Notegraphy was a place to turn your thoughts into artistic pieces you’d want to remember and share.

From the eloquent to the zany, there's Notegraphy designs for everyone

From the eloquent to the zany, there’s Notegraphy designs for everyone

Rather than your new notebook app, Notegraphy is for creative writing what Instagram is for photography. It’s the place to jot down a snippet of text (perhaps a quote, some idea you have, or really anything), style it the way you want, and share it with the world. It’s the style option that makes Notegraphy truly unique, with its dozens of beautiful artist designed styles that let you beautify your text without messing with typography or colors. Each style includes 3 colored variants to choose from, with an artistic interpretation of your text’s first letter or some other graphic on the top or in the background. You’ll want to spend a few seconds looking through them for something that fits your writing, much like you flip through Instragram filters to find the right one for your photo.

Once you’re done, you add a title and optionally tags to your work so it can be discovered among the other creations on Notegraphy, and then share it with your social networks (here’s a quick note I made today) or save it for your own safekeeping — your choice. You can then explore others’ work and follow people to automatically see their works, much like in other social networks.

An inspiring social network? One can hope.

An inspiring social network? One can hope.

A Brand-new Meaning to Creative Writing

Photographers and artists have debated whether Instagram is good or bad for the art ever since it was released. And there will likely be those who debate whether Notegraphy creations could really be considered either writing or art.

That doesn’t matter, though. What matters is that each give people a creative outlet, and that’s absolutely a net good for everyone. Notegraphy is a great way to put a bit of creativity into writing in a way that’s never been made in an app before. I’ve found it very enjoyable so far, and happen to think that you’ll enjoy it too.

A Notegraphy creation, from yours truly.

A Notegraphy creation, from yours truly.

So go give it a try. Close your eyes, think of something short and interesting to write, then turn it into a Notegraphy creation with their web app or iOS app. I happen to bet you’ll be hooked.


A beautiful way to turn your words into pieces of art.