Gauge Opinions In An Instant With Poll Everywhere

Polls and questionnaires are an extremely useful tool for gauging opinions or statistics about a particular subject. Poll Everywhere is an extremely effective web app for carrying out instant polls and questionnaires, removing the need for complicated setups to carry out polls quickly. It’s similar to other poll and survey creation apps, such as FluidSurvey, SurveyGizmo, and Pro Profs Poll Maker.

The Poll Everywhere mobile app is ideal for creating and presenting polls which participants are then able to respond to via web, Android or iOS device. Audience members or participants can even use the Poll Everywhere app to respond to the presenter’s questions live. Presenters can ask the audience questions and, within seconds, display poll responses live.

Real time responses by mobile, Twitter and text message

Audience members or poll participants can easily respond to polls or questions using the Poll Everywhere app for Android, iOS or of course, via the web. They can even respond via text message and Twitter.

The useful thing about Poll Everywhere is that you can create polls instantly. For example professors, teachers and presenters may want to take a flash poll of opinion in the classroom and can instantly whip up a poll using Poll Everywhere, including Q&A and multiple choice polls.

You can choose to present questions from the web or even embed then in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. When the audience responds, results are displayed in real time, which is useful for stimulating classroom discussion and gathering opinion in a quick and convenient way.

Poll Everywhere makes it easy to carry out quick polls and participants can even text answers.

Poll Everywhere makes it easy to carry out quick polls and participants can even text answers.

PowerPoint integration is one of the smartest features, and users can use the Poll Everywhere mobile app as a presentation clicker, to skip through PowerPoint presentations. This feature is at no extra cost with no intrusive ads or clumsy buttons to use. With this, presenters can control the flow of PowerPoint presentations using a smartphone as a wireless remote.

Format questions the way you want

Poll Everywhere supports a wide range of question types including multiple choice, true or false, open ended, ranking poll, and clickable image questions. There is an obvious risk with submitting open ended questions ,which will be viewable to all involved; you can moderate and approve responses, although you can’t actually edit them.

Note however that this latter option is only available to those that subscribe to a plan.

If you’re an educator and want to use Poll Everywhere to monitor participation by members of your group and classroom, the app maintains the response percentage and history of each participant, which makes it easy to see who’s been participating in classes and who hasn’t but again, this feature is only available if you subscribe to a plan.

Poll Everywhere allows you to present questions in several different polling formats.

Poll Everywhere allows you to present questions in several different polling formats.

You will find that using the Poll Everywhere mobile app is considerably easier than the web app. The web app is not as intuitive when it comes to creating polls, although answering them on mobile devices is fine.

There a few little niggles when it comes to responding too – you can’t undo or withdraw a response and there’s no confirmation prompt before you submit and answer. This means if you accidentally select the wrong one or change your mind at the last minute, there’s nothing you can do.

The pricing for Poll Everywhere basically depends on how many people you plan to use it with. Anything up to 25 responses is free. This doesn’t include certain features such as Reporting and Grading which has statistical reports such as counts, averages and standard deviations. It also doesn’t include the option to moderate comments, run team competitions and add multi-user accounts.

The more responses you need, the more the pricing plan increases starting from $19 per month for up to 50 responses to up to more than $1,999 per month for an custom number of responses as defined by you. All of these paid plans include reporting and grading and from up to 100 responses. Moderation is included and up to 500 responses and above you can run team competitions.

All plans allow you to include an extra user although that will cost you an extra $99 per user so best to buy a plan that’s over your forecasted number of users rather than under if you’re not sure.


If you regularly conduct market research or simply want to spice-up classroom discussions, Poll Everywhere is a quick and easy solution to carrying out quick questionnaires and polls. For other ways to create polls and surveys via a web app, it’s worth shopping around for alternative poll creation tools.


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