Set and Keep Goals for Healthy Eating with

It’s that time of year .. we all have some sort of resolution, and I’m sure there’s some statistic out there that shows the overwhelming number of folks who pledge to eat better, or diet, or cut back on sugar or some sort of food-related resolution. Striking out on your own with just the general goal of “eating better” is a treacherous route and probably not all that attainable. Maybe you’ve been a little more concrete in your resolution, pledging to cut back on processed foods, or eat more organic produce.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, is the app for you! This app tracks your meals, but instead of focusing on the number of calories you’re taking in, it lets you focus on certain goals, a few of which are cutting back on processed foods and eating more organic produce. If you’re interested in goals for healthy eating, keep on reading.

Home Screen

Once you’ve gone to the site, and logged in you’ll be taken to your home screen. You can sign up with facebook (I did) on the off-chance that maybe some of your facebook friends have already discovered the app. Unfortunately, none of my friends have tried it yet so my home screen is pretty bare. You’re presenting with a “feed,” much like any other social networking site.

The very sparse feed - It needs more members!

In your feed, you can choose to see just your updates, the updates of your “buddies” (those you follow/facebook friends) or everyone who publishes to the feed. What’s great about publishing to the feed is the potential encouragement you can get. If someone is impressed by your meals or an accomplishment, you can receive high fives from other users. The user base is pretty small at this point, so there’s not a lot to peruse but I assume it will get better as the site goes out of beta and is used more heavily.


The most important part of this site, and any other diet/goal tracking site is the place where you get to log your data. You start every log by tracking your weight. You can view in your overall stats the weight changes in correlation with all of the other items that you log.

Tracking Measurements

Once you weigh yourself, it’s time to track your meals. You can just log one big note for the meals for the day, adding in times manually. If you’d like to be a bit more organized, however, you can add each meal and snack individually. You can add a picture if you’d like, or you can skip it. You can add the time for each meal/snack, to have the best record of the day possible.

Daily meals - Quite a few!

After adding the meals, it’s time for self-evaluation. The goals that you select when you first sign up for the site are here now for you to answer to. I, for example, chose to cut back on added sugars, grains, processed foods and desserts. You just go in and adjust the slider bar to show how much you ate that day of whatever it is you’re trying to cut back on.

Tracking my Goals

You can also check off the food bonuses section. If eating organic or sustainably is something you consider important, you’ll appreciate this section. You can track how frequently you do things like eat organic produce or cook your own meals. Same concept as the food goals, except you strive to do something rather than cut back.

Daily Food Bonuses

Last but not least, you can add your personal touch. Whether there was something good or something bad you did that day, you can tag the log. Then you can go back and track how frequently or infrequently you do something that maybe they don’t yet have in their system. You can also add notes about how you felt that day, and how the diet changes are effecting you.

Tags and Notes

Stats and Settings

The final screen to check is your stats screen. This is where you can compare your weight, meals, and goal success rates. They provide the data for each day in a nice calendar for comparison.

My Stats - A Brief Overview

After you’ve checked everything for the day, you might need to check out the settings to make a few tweaks. You can make the obvious profile edits, for one. You can change your goals, in case you’ve changed your mind from when you first started. You still keep all of your old data but start tracking your new goals that day.

Changing my Goals

Something I like is the reminders section. You can set reminders for measuring yourself, or for logging your food for the day. I remember to weigh myself in the morning, but I personally like the reminder email at the end of the day to log my food. Otherwise, I forget to log half my meals for the day.

Reminders - My Saving Grace

You can also change your privacy settings (whether your logs are published or just for private use) and invite your buddies to join the site. Last but not least, you can import previous data. If you’ve used a blog in the past, you can import that data into your log, or you can use a Withings scale to check your measurements everyday and have that data imported automatically into your log.


I really love this site. I’ve tried tracking my calories before, but I get tired of it in 2 days. It’s just way too much effort, and not something I’m realistically going to keep up. I like that with this site, I just write down my meals and the important part is meeting the particular goals that you set for yourself. I like knowing that I’m cutting down on processed foods and seeing in my notes that I had more energy that day.

My biggest complaint about the site at this point has to do with the limitations of goals. As it stands, you can add your own goals, but instead of having a section for things that you want to specifically achieve, it only has options to cut back on certain things. For example, my healthy eating goal for January is to eat a certain amount of vegetables a day. I’d love to be able to track my cutting back on processed food, but also how well I’m doing for at adding good things into my diet. Other than that small complaint, I think the site is fantastic. I’d love to see more action on the social side of things, so I encourage you all to check it out!


A food tracking site that lets you judge your eating habits by goals, rather than merely tracking calories.