Scoreboard: A Simple Way to Create Invoices and Track Expenses

Creating invoices is something every working professional has to do in order to get paid from their clients. Some prefer to use Microsoft Excel to create invoices while some people prefer to use online services or software. The problem with creating invoices in Excel is that one has to create a template first and then fill it with the required information. However, this may not be the most convenient method and may take some time to create.

One reason why I prefer online tools to create invoices is that you can easily manage and view all the invoices in few simple clicks and you can connect your PayPal or any other supported payment method with the service. This helps users find out how many invoices have been paid and so on.

At Web.AppStorm, we have shared some very useful invoicing apps, free and paid, that can help users create invoices. Today, we present to you another handy invoicing app that does not only allows users to create invoices and estimated but also allow them to manage their expenses from the same dashboard. The app is known as Scoreboard.


Scoreboard is a very useful online tool that allows users to create professional invoices online. With Scoreboard, you can not only create invoices but you can even manage and track your expenses. You can add clients, add your company information, create product catalogues and prices, add team members and track estimates. You can even add your clients to track the progress of the estimates and projects you are working on.

Scoreboard Dashboard

The complete information about the invoices paid, expenses and estimates are displayed on your dashboard as well. You can see how many invoices have been paid, tracked estimates and more.

The service offers users with a 30 day trial period after which you must update to a pro plan starting from $15 per month.

Adding Clients and Team Members

After registration, you will be redirected to Scoreboard dashboard. Click on Clients from the taskbar and start adding clients. You will be asked to add details about your clients such as the name, contact information, address and company logo. Under the trial period, you can add as many clients as you want. These companies also include firms you have to pay as well.

Scoreboard Add Clients

To add team members and contributors to your projects, go to the People tab and add your colleagues.

Tracking Expenses and Hours Worked

You can view recent expenses from your Scoreboard dashboard. You an either add your expenses from the dashboard as well as from the expense tab. Just click on Tracking tab and select Expenses from the dashboard. Just select date, description, client you are going to pay and add the amount. From the same page, you can keep track of all the invoices and hours worked.

Tracking Expenses

Creating Invoices and Getting Paid

Click on the Invoices tab and select Add invoice. It will ask you to enter the Name and the client you want to send an invoice to. It will then redirect you to the invoice page where you can add the invoice details such as price, quantity, total amount, etc. After adding the required information, just click on the “+” icon that will appear right next to price field when you will move your cursor there. This will add the item to the invoice and you can then email it to your client or download it to your computer.


To check all your created invoices, open the invoice tab and it will show you all the paid and unpaid invoices. You can also categorize them by their status as well.

After creating the project, you can invite your clients to view and pay their invoices via Paypal or simply email them the invoice in PDF format. The service allows you to integrate PayPal with their Scoreboard account so that you can get paid without any issue.

Creating Product Catalogues

With Scoreboard, you can add items and products you sell or buy. You can add the name of the items, price per unit or add any extra notes.  You can add as many items you want to your catalogue so that you don’t have to add them again and again to your invoices.


The service is paid and offers users with a 30 day free trial. If it suits your needs, you can sign up for a paid plan that starts from $15 per month that allows up to 2 contributors, add unlimited clients and invoices. If you have a large team of contributors, you can sign up for a higher plan.


There are many online invoicing solutions available on the internet right now. One of the few things that I like about the service is that you can track how much you have charged and spent for different services and track how many hours you have worked on any project.. Apart from that, you can add sales tax and other taxes to your invoices as well.

This is an app that combines the power of a good invoicing tool with proper expense management. If you want to add expenses on the go, Scoreboard has a mobile optimized website that allows users to add expenses from their mobile devices as well.

Did you try Scoreboard? We’d love to hear about your views in the comments below.


A useful online invoicing and expense tracking tool.