Get a Hold of Your Online Spending With Slice

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, for those of you that are like me and avoid the mall like it is a disease, you are probably doing a lot of online shopping. If you are also like me, you are just starting your shopping or aren’t done yet. I don’t know why I do this to myself every year, but I procrastinate to get my shopping done and because I stick to mainly online, I either have to spend more money on shipping fees, or suck it up and go to the mall.

Well, I have been playing around with an app that is perfect for those of you that like to online shop. Slice can help with all kinds of things when it comes to your impulse buys to ones you want to make sure you get on time. It’s a great app for those that want to keep better record of what they buy and how much they spend online.

Setting It Up

What first drew me to Slice was the fact that there was practically zero set up involved. The only thing you need to get started is your email address. After you enter it, Slice goes into your email and analyzes it for all the online purchases you have made and then displays it for you. You can link more than one address and Slice is able to take just about all the major email addresses along with a few others.

Adding your email address

Adding your email address

Tracking Shipments

One of the features that I really like about this app is that it can track your recent purchases that you have made. You can track a package by manually entering any tracking information that you have for that item. From there, Slice will do the rest and it can help you know when your item will get to you.¬†Depending on the email you get for a package, Slice can also extract the shipping information from it and help you track it so that you don’t have to do it manually.

Tracking your shipments

Tracking your shipments


Outside of being able to track your packages, Slice can also analyze your purchase history and sort what you bought along with other valuable information. If you are like me and you buy a lot of things online, it is kind of humbling to see how Slice can organize your purchases. You can see them by order date, categories, merchants, or item type.

Sorting through your purchases

Sorting through your purchases

For those of you that are more visual people, Slice doesn’t leave you out. There is a feature called Slice and Dice, where you can see charts and graphs that show your spending and where your money is going. Again, kind of humbling if you are a big online spender. You basically click on a month that you want to view and then Slice will show you graphs on the merchants you bought from, spending trends throughout the month, as well as your top categories you spent the most money in.

Charts and graphs to show your spending history

Charts and graphs to show your spending history

Miscellaneous Features

There are a few other smaller features that are worth noting. One of them that I found cool, was the Price Drop Alert. Slice analyzes your purchases that you have made and if the price of that item drops in the future, and that retailer honors price adjustments, Slice will send you an email to let you know about this.

Slice will also store all of your online receipts for each purchase and so if you ever need it you can just head over to their site, find the item and then click on the receipt. It is basically the email receipt that you get, but it is nice to have if in case you can’t find it. Lastly, there is also a minor social component in that you can share a specific purchase you made to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Final Thoughts

Slice is one of those apps that the more I played with it, the more I saw how this could be used in my every day life. Part of my problem with spending money online is that I do tend to not always keep track of what I buy and when. Slice helped me to take a look at my spending and help me realize where my money goes and when. Like I said before, what really sold me was the fact that it took literally just my email address for it to gather all this information on my spending. I loved that I didn’t have to manually enter in my purchases.

The app is currently in beta on the web, but in my testing, I didn’t find any glaring bugs that you usually can find in beta testing. There is also an iPhone app that has been out for a while that is just as good as the web app. In fact, iPhone.AppStorm did a comparison¬†review of it last Spring and you can read more about it there. If you spend a lot of time buying stuff online, or just want a better way to keep track of your web purchases, you definitely have to try out Slice. It is so easy to use and the amount of information it can get for you can be so helpful. It’s a perfect web app for this time of the year, just don’t let it get you down when you see how much you actually spend online.


Track your online purchases and also analyze your purchase history with Slice.