CloudConvert: All-in-one Converter In the Cloud

Back in old days, converting files from one format to another was a hectic task. There was (and still) a software for every type of format that you must install to convert your files. However, those days are gone; we are now surrounded by a number of cloud services that makes these tasks simpler. Currently, everything is done in the cloud – file conversion, storage, sharing and anything you can think of. There are online services that allow users to convert any type of file. Rather than finding different services for different formats, head over to CloudConvert and it will not disappoint you.

CloudConvert is a simple and easy-to-use online utility that can help you convert over 100 different formats – whether it’s audio, e-books, videos, images or anything for that matter, the website supports them all. The service supports over a 100 file formats from many different categories and is totally free of cost. The service also integrates with multiple cloud storage services so that you can automatically save the converted files in the cloud.

Let’s take it for a spin and see if it’s worth keeping as a part of your app repertoire.

CloudConvert Dashboard


Before you start converting files, it is recommended that you should sign-up for a free account on CloudConvert. Although you can access all the features without registration, the service just limits the number of files you can convert daily as well as the concurrent conversions, file size and the time span after which the file will be deleted from the server. If you sign-up, you can increase all these limits and convert up to 25 files daily with the maximum file size of 1000 MB. Moreover, you can increase the storage time of converted files to 24 hours.

CloudCovert Registration

Let’s Convert

After signing up, just login with your credentials and you will be redirected to your dashboard. From the dashboard, simply select the file you want to convert using the Select File button. Interestingly, the service lets users upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive as well. Simply authorize CloudConvert to access your account and it will automatically import the file.

CloudConvert Import FIle

After selecting your file, you can also change the conversion settings such as resizing images (if you are using images) or convert specific pages in a word file to PDF, etc. After the file is uploaded, it will ask you to select the output of the files and will show you a “wrench” icon right next to the format menu. Click on it and it will open the settings screen in a popup from where you can easily customize its settings. I did convert a number of image files and word files using the service and it worked like a charm. The image resize feature may not be as good as a photo editing software but for normal day users, it works fine.

CloudConvert Customize

In case of audio files, you can change the codecs, bitrate, channels, audio frequency and normalization. It can be used as an alternative to various audio conversion tools out there as well.

CloudConvert Audio Settings

The service also gives you an option to send the converted file via email or directly save it in your Dropbox or Google Drive account. This is one of the most useful features as there are times when you are using a public computer and saving your personal files on it can put your privacy at risk. After selecting the desired settings, just click on the Start Conversion button to begin the process. The conversion time varies from file to file; if the file is large in size, it would take more time to convert. Upon completion, you will be given a link to download the file to your computer. The option also generates a QR Code for the converted file so that you can share it with anyone with access to a QR Reader. There are many applications and extension available for different operating systems and browsers that lets you read QR codes.

CloudConvert Download Files

Conversion types

The service supports almost 140 file formats ranging from images to audios to documents to ebooks. You just have to name the format and you will find it in the supported list — including everything from archives and image formats to less common formats like AutoCAD files. If you want, you can view the entire list of supported formats here.

CloudConvert Supported formats

Is it Worth Trying?

Well, the simple answer to this question would be “Yes”. The service is definitely recommended for all types of users who want to convert their files. The service does what it says, I tested it with a number of formats and it worked like a charm. Although, many of you may find the given quote to be small but you can always increase it by signing up for a free account. Interestingly, it can also be used on any mobile device as the service offers a responsive layout design that works with most mobile devices and tablets.

Normally, services like these come with a price tag and I think the folks at CloudConvert may introduce pricing in the future as they are still in beta stages. If you come across any bug, just contact the developer. In conclusion, I must say that this is one of those websites that you should bookmark right away.

If you tried CloudConvert, we’d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below!


A simple online converter that supports over 100 different file formats.