AirDropper: Kill FTP and Let Anyone Send Files to Your Dropbox

Cloud-based storage services have made sharing large files easier. In the past, most people had to copy files to Zip disks or burn documents to a DVD or save them to a flash drive. Alternatively, you can send your files via FTP, or attach it to an email message if it’s small enough. These solutions are great, but the average Internet users might not understand FTP and most mail servers reject large files.

Dropbox has become the most popular cloud-based storage service for a number of reasons. We use it to store all sort of files and share folders with others, but not everyone use DropBox. That’s where AirDropper comes in. It’s a simple application that lets you request files using a special link that you can send by email, or a personalized web page. The recipient then hits that link to upload their file using the AirDropper website; the file will be saved in your Dropbox account. It’s a great solution to an age-old problem of sending large files, so let’s take a look and see if this will be a fit for your team’s file sharing needs.


Getting started with AirDropper is simple. Just create a new account, and you’ll be ready to start receiving files in seconds. The monthly plan costs $9 dollars/month, which includes SSL Encryption, a custom branding, and a 10 GB storage. You can give it a try with their free 7 day trial to see if it’s the solution you need. AirDropper stores files in your AirDropper account, but can also sync them with your Dropbox account so they’re automatically available on all of your devices. That does mean, though, that if you want to use the full 10 Gb of storage, you’ll need to have a paid Dropbox Pro account as well.

Connecting AirDropper to DropBox

AirDropper stores file into a special folder called ‘AirDropper’ in your DropBox account. You can rest assure that AirDropper won’t access any other folder in your DropBox account – it can only access this folder. Before AirDropper can create this special folder, you need to authorize AirDropper to connect to DropBox.

Connect AirDropper Account with DropBox Account

Every time you want to exchange files, your browser will establish a secured encrypted channel with AirDropper. Your browser will encrypt your files when they leave your computer, and AirDropper will decrypt these files once it arrives on their server. No one else will be able to read your files on its way to AirDropper’s server.

Creating Packages

Head over to the new package menu, once you are ready to upload some files to AirDropper. Each file that you upload to AirDropper is put into one or more packages, and your friends can access your package as long as you keep it open. Each package comes with a package name, a description, a link, and a passphrase. AirDropper generate all these for you, but you can change it to anything name that you want. Just click each of this field on the screen, and give it a name that you want.

Create a new Package to Share

Open the add files menu to upload your files. You can add as many files as you want, and click the upload button to put them in AirDropper.

Add Files to AirDropper

Sharing Packages

AirDropper gives you three simple to share these files. The primary way to exchange files is through your custom AirDropper page, Anyone who want to get your package has to key-in a special passphrase. AirDropper generate these passphrases everytime you create a new package.

Your Custom Page

While the package is open, entering the package passphrase on your custom AirDropper page will allow people to see the Package Name and Description, and either upload or download files. When a person is uploading files into a package, they do not see the other files in the package. If you want to limit a person’s access to a package, you can create a one-time use link to give them. The link only works one time for uploading for package requests and downloading for package shares, after which the link closes. With one-time use links, you do not need to give the person the package’s passphrase, which makes it easier as well.

Your One-Time Link URL

You can also send an email with the Package Name, description, and a direct link that brings the person to a page for uploading package requests and downloading package shares. Emails from AirDropper work just like one-time use links, it sends the link along with the package name and description. You can enter as many email addresses as you need at one time and each person will get their own one-time use link.

Email One-Time Link

AirDropper will ask your friend to locate the file that you ask them, and upload his file straight into your DropBox Account.

Email from AirDropper


Sending files through email is usually not the best option, with email attachment size limits and pokey POP3 or IMAP transfers. And creating shared Dropbox folders with every person that ever needs to send you a large file isn’t a great solution either. That’s where AirDropper comes in. It gives you an elegant, personalized page to receive files and have them saved right to your Dropbox. Rather than having to move files from email to your project folders, they’ll be automatically synced to your computer and ready to use. It’s a great add-on to Dropbox, one many businesses could make great use of today.

And if you’d like to try out a more basic version for free, give AirDropper Beta a try. It doesn’t let you manage your files or share them, but you can still use it to receive files in your Dropbox account for free.


AirDropper is an elegant file-sharing solution that lets you replace clumsy FTP file uploads with a secure Dropbox-powered file sending system.