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These days, the first interaction a company will have with a customer will most likely be via its website. I know any time I’m about to make an important purchase or consider a new service it’s straight to the Internet I go. It’s quick and easy; no wonder major companies spend thousands ensuring their websites are up to date and looking sharp. And for big companies, that’s all well and good. They can afford designers and developers to handle the customer experience. For small start-ups and businesses this isn’t the case.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is where you customers go if they have a problem with your products, have a question or want to head down to your premises. It’s a ‘call to action’ page; something which web copy writers stress has to be done right.

Formsly take the pain out of creating and managing your contact page and include some awesome features to boot. Every channel imaginable for your customers to reach you is accounted for, but is it right for everyone?


If I said I wasn’t impressed by Formsly as a whole I’d be lying. Before I actually checked it out I was slightly underwhelmed. I knew it was a contact form creator; a common variety of web app which aren’t exactly known for getting your heart rate up. However, the guys at Formsly have gone above and beyond, doing a tremendous job at making them a lot more useful for the customer and the business. Everything is easily set up in a matter of minutes. To get a fully featured contact form live on your website ten minutes would be more than enough.

Formly's Email Form

Formly's Email Form

The email form itself doesn’t take center stage in all this, and while impressive, is just a piece of the pie. The user can select which department and staff member to send their email to. All emails can be tracked in the admin control panel, a nice feature for managing customer service personnel requirements and so forth. User’s can also subscribe to your newsletter. If they do, their email address goes into a spreadsheet which can be downloaded at any time and import into a mass email.

Excellent Contact Information Page and Map

Excellent Contact Information Page and Map

More traditional contact information is given prominence as the first tab users will see. This lists your phone number and company addresses (can have multiple for different offices and branches). Google Maps has also been utilised to visually display your locations as well as give the user directions.

Loads of social networking options

Loads of social networking options

It’s also fantastic at pushing social networks. Which ones? Pretty much all of them; LinkedIn, Blogger, Technorati, Flicker and so on. Each one will be features on your contact form. You can also have your company’s Twitter stream embedded in the app. As of yet, Google+ support is non existent, however given the vast amount of other networks Formsly supports it’s safe to assume it’ll be along soon enough.

A few smaller features include displaying your opening hours along with the current time at your premises (presumably so international customers won’t have to figure the time difference), the ability to download all your information as a Word document and a handy QR code which can be scanned by smartphone users to add your company to their address book.


We’ll start with the customer’s side of things; me gusta! The standard contact form and everything else along with is tastefully designed and hovers cleanly over the main website. Everything is laid out neatly but isn’t boring like your average run-of-the-mill contact page. The fact that it has a navigation bar, as opposed to being a once page affair, lends a certain powerful feel.

Just some of the design options Formsly offers

Just some of the design options Formsly offers

The actual look of Formsly can be easily changed from the standard ‘one size fits all’ design to a colour scheme that blends in better with your website. Other than colours, you can’t radically change the look; just basic alterations such as adding borders and the font. The contact button which will hover over your website can be positioned wherever you like – I prefer down the side next to the scroll bar. You can change how this looks too, or upload your own personalised button.

Room for Improvement

Formsly has impressed me, of that there’s no doubt. But it’s not all sunshine and lollipops, a few things annoyed me about Formsly and in one area in particular I really felt it fell short.

They insist on an address being provided for the company. Seeing as a large part of the Formsly user interface is based around where you are and how customers can get to you, this makes sense. However, they fail to take into account the lowly freelancer. I wouldn’t count myself as being particularly paranoid, but common sense tells me that having my home address mere pixels away from my Twitter stream which I regularly post to while out of the house is downright stupid. One day I could be having lunch with friends, decide to tweet about the starter and unintentionally prompt tech-savvy thieves to break into my home. And while it is possible to take away the ‘Head Office’ page, that would mean removing your phone number, fax number, Twitter and a host of other features too.

On the same issue, their contact buttons which float above your site lack a ‘Contact Me’ version. They’re all either ‘Contact Us’ or simply ‘Contact’. This stark omission gives me the impression that Formsly have decided to ignore self employed people. For these reasons I’ve decided not to renew my subscription. Yet with a few very minor changes Formsly would have had me (and I’m sure others), hook, line and sinker. Oh well.

Overall I do really like Formsly. And the $9.99 per year (or .99c per month) they ask for, along with the free thirty day trial, is beyond fair. It adds a great new feature to your site in minutes that screams professionalism. So, if your a small to medium sized business I’d definitely recommend Formsly.


A service which allows you to create powerful contact forms. These are then placed on your website yet hosted elsewhere. Plenty of social network integration and more.

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