Write.fm: A Simple Notepad

There’s tons of options for saving and sharing text snippets, files, etc. on the web. It seems pretty common place that these web apps become overrun with features and options, which make them powerful but also sacrifice the original simplicity some people were originally drawn to.

Write.fm, originally built to help the Task.fm team move code snippets around, is based on simplicity. It’s meant to be a tool in your workflow, not a complete solution that most of us wouldn’t need anyway.

The app is simple, but it’s definitely something you should check out. Read on for info. and screenshots.


Write.fm really is simple. In fact, it’s so simple I didn’t think it offered enough value to justify a full post here. But, the value of Write.fm is in its simplicity so I thought it’d be great to share.



When you head over to Write.fm a new note is automatically created and assigned a unique URL. Enter the text you want or even add a file (up to 4 MB) and you’re done. Save the URL or send it to someone else for reading or editing.

New Note

New Note

File attachments are added below the note area and can be easily removed using the “-” button.

Quick Thoughts

Like I said, Write.fm is really simple and that’s the beauty of it. But, is it too simple? I use OS X’s TextEdit app for quickly saving notes for later, which is essentially exactly what Write.fm does except it’s in the cloud so I don’t have to worry about loosing it. But, there are apps such as Pastie.org that offer code highlighting, private snippets, etc.

I think Write.fm could use a few enhancements such as private notes and maybe the ability to create an account to save your notes. If you loose the link you’ve essentially lost your note! With an account you could save and maintain your notes or snippets. What do you think? What is your favorite similar app?