Stay on Top of Your Gas Use With Fillrr

For most of us, we spend more on gas over time than we do on many other individual things. With soaring gas prices and an increasing focus on environmentally friendliness today, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on how many miles your car is getting per gallon and what you’re spending on gas. We often just fill up and forget about it, but with more info you’d be better informed about what your car is really costing you.

Fillrr is a freemium webapp that helps take the pain out of keeping up with your gas mileage and price. Depending on your account, you can keep up with your gas usage from your browser or via text message. Then you’ll get to see your average MPG over time and compare your results with others. Let’s take a look and see if this app can make it easier to keep up with your car’s gas usage.

Using Fillrr

Fillrr is designed to quickly let you keep up with your gas usage and MPG on all of your cars. When you sign up, you can choose from a free plan with one vehicle, a $3/month plan for up to 5 vehicles, or a $5/month plan for unlimited vehicles. The $5/month plan also lets you add your pitstop info via SMS message, which could be useful if you want to keep up with gas usage on the go and don’t have a smartphone with internet connection.

Choose from free or premium plans for Fillrr

Creating a new account isn’t quite as easy as it is on most webapps. Once you’ve added your info and selected a plan, you’ll need to activate your account from a link in an email, and then still sign in to the service. Finally, you’ll be ready to add your vehicle information to Fillrr.

Add Your Vehicle

To add your vehicle to Fillrr, you’ll need to select a model year, then a make and model. Fillrr only includes cars manufactured since 1998 with the exception of one 1991 model, so if you have an older vehicle you won’t be able to select your exact car. You can then optionally enter your car’s current odometer reading, VIN number, and a picture of it if you wish.

Adding your car's info to Fillrr

Add Pit Stops

Now that your vehicle is added, you can start recording your gas usage and price. Click on the Pit Stop link on the top to add your most recent fill-up. You’ll need to enter the number of gallons you purchased, the price you paid per gallon, and the number of miles driven. By default, Fillrr will automatically select today’s date for the fill-up date, but you can record previous fill-ups and change the date if you wish.

Enter the number of gallons purchased, price, and miles driven

As you add more Pit Stops, you’ll see an increasingly accurate view of your average Miles Per Gallon, price of gas, and number of gallons used between fill-ups from your car’s profile. The virtual odometer will update to keep up with the mileage you’ve added as well.

Keep tabs on your average MPG and price of gas

Get More Info About Your Gas Usage

The dashboard only shows your car’s usage averages, but Fillrr keeps more info ready for use. From the bottom of the Pit Stop page, you’ll find links to see your last pit stops and graphs of your average usage. The recent pit stops page shows the info you’ve most recently added to Fillrr in individual boxes. This is an easy way to quickly glance at the data, but we really would have liked to see an option to view the data in table form and download it as a spreadsheet.

See your recent fill-ups in Fillrr

The graph page shows a nice graph of your average gas usage and MPGs over time. It also includes a comparison to the manufacturer’s average MPGs for your car, as well as the average Fillrr user’s average with that same vehicle. Surprisingly, the graphs aren’t Flash powered, so you should be able to view them fine in any browser of device. This was definitely a nice touch, and it’d be nicer if this graph was actually shown directly on your account dashboard.

Compare your gas usage to your historic averages and other user's average MPGs

Features and Design

Unfortunately, Fillrr is, overall, a very basic app that isn’t as well designed as many apps we review. The included directions were confusing at times, and you have to click through several screens just to see a graph of your gas usage. It also didn’t let us track as much data as we wished, and didn’t have any way to export the data you’ve added. It’d be great to use Fillrr to count your car’s total lifetime cost, and with all of your gas data, it wouldn’t be too much to add. Hopefully the developers will add more features over time and make Fillrr a better way to keep up with your vehicle’s vital info.


If you’d like to keep up with the vitals about your car’s gas usage and mileage, Fillrr makes it fairly simple to stay on top of and see your averages quickly. We wish the app integrated with local gas price search, and it would also be nice if you could keep up with other car maintenance expenses in the app to see your total vehicle expenditure over time. As is, it’s a basic app to keep up with your average Miles per Gallon and price of gas, and it does a decent job at that.

How do you usually keep up with your car and expenses? Do you do it at all? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Try Out Fillrr Today!

If you’d like to try out Fillrr, the Fillrr team has generously offered to upgrade Fast Lane signups to Commuter Lane accounts for as long as they’re with Fillrr. If you sign up for a Fast Lane account, let us know in the comments below. Thanks!


Need to keep tabs on your car's MPGs and the average price you're paying for gas? Fillrr is a webapp designed to help you easily keep up with your fuel info and mileage on all your vehicles.