SocialCompare: Comparisons in a Snap

We’re linving in the information age, but without a personal IBM Watson to help us through life, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. From the specs of the latest smartphones to refrigerators that will work best in your new apartment, there’s info about so many things that it can get overwhelming. Theoretically, more data means you can make a better decision; sometimes, though, it’s just too hard to process all the info.

There’s several ways of dealing with this. Keeping stacks of sales papers and encyclopedias around isn’t too convenient, and you’ll definately not be able to remember everything. One great way to figure out the best things or compare data about different items is to turn your data into a chart. Let’s take a look at SocialCompare, a new beta webapp that’s designed to help you compare everything from trees to tripods to trip ideas and then share your curated info with the world.

Getting Started

SocialCompare tries to make it simple to compare anything you want, find and contribute to comparisons others have made, and share your findings with the world. Even though it’s still a beta service, it already contains hundreds of detailed comparisons that can be helpful when comparing cars, computers, and more. You can contribute your own info to existing charts, or create your own tables for your own use or to share publicly.

SocialCompare's homepage

Before you get started creating tables of data to compare, you’ll need to create a free account. Enter your name and password as normal, then activate your account from the email you’ll receive. Seconds later, you’ll be at your dashboard where you can manage your favorite comparisons and create new tables to compare anything you want.

Keep up with your comparisons and recently visited charts on your dashboard

Creating a New Comparison

Ready to start comparing stuff? Click the Create a comparison button to get started. Just enter a name for your comparison and choose a category for it. Then, you can choose to enter your data manually; alternately, if you’ve already curated data about a topic on a webpage or spreadsheet, you can import it to jumpstart your comparison.

Create a new comparison with fresh data or by importing from a spreadsheet

Before you can start entering data, you’ll have to add what you’re comparing. Enter the items you’re comparing in the first tab, then enter the things you want to compare about the items in the second tab. You can include tons of data in your tables, from text to images to links to ratings entered by visitors to your chart.

Add new items to compare and comparison categories quickly

Entering data is quick and simple once you’ve added your items and comparison criteria. You’ll see your items listed across the top, while the comparisons will be listed along the left side. Enter the text, numbers, links, and more that you want to include in your table, then jump to the next cell by pressing tab on your keyboard as you would in a spreadsheet.

If you decide your items are in the wrong order, just click the blue arrow button that appears when you hover over a row, and drag it to the position you want. Alternately, click the arrows to sort the data based on the current cell. We found it quite simple to get data entered, and you can make a detailed and informative comparison in minutes.

Quickly edit data with a spreadsheet-like interface

Share Your Data With the World

Now that you’ve made an awesome comparison of products of info that’s important to you, you can save it for your future reference or share it with the world. To share your data, just press Publish it the top right corner of the editor. You can choose if others can edit your chart, and can even keep some of the fields private if you wish. Finally, add an excerpt that describes your data, and publish it for everyone to use.

Publish your chart for everyone to enjoy

You can also easily use your chart data elsewhere, including on your own website. SocialCompare lets you embed your chart with an iframe; simply copy and paste the code into your site, and your chart will be ready for everyone to see there.

Embed charts you've made or other public charts on your site

SocialCompare has tons of public charts from other users that you can check out as well. From computers to smartphones to country populations, there’s tons of data here to compare and explore. While some of the comparisons are lacking, many are quite in-depth and offer a unique comparison on their category.

Whether you’re wanting to compare data on your own, share your findings with the world, or just find a premade comparison to explore, SocialCompare has something for everyone. And if you notice something wrong, you can edit the chart or send the author a message, depending on their chart settings.

Find public data to explore even if you don't signup


If you’ve wanted a nice and easy way to compare data, but don’t want to use a full spreadsheet tool, SocialCompare could be the tool for you. Its interface is somewhat bland and confusing, but it is fairly simple to use. Plus, with all of the detailed comparisons already posted on the site, you might find the comparison you’ve been looking for without any extra work.

Whether you’re comparing the population of islands or the price of ice cream, you’ll find it easier than ever to see what really’s different about the things important to you. Hopefully you’ll be able to make better decisions thanks to the comparisons you’ve found or made in SocialCompare!


Having a hard time keeping up with the differences between things? SocialCompare lets you keep up with the similarities and differences between anything, and share your findings with the world.