is the Simplest Bookmarking Tool Ever

Bookmarking is far from dead. Sure, we reflexively Google for sites instead of looking through our bookmarks half the time, but when you find something awesome online, you know you’ll have to save it. We all do. That’s why our recent discussion about bookmarking brought in dozens of different apps and tools for bookmarking. It may look like madness, but we’ve all got a method to our madness, and we keep saving links.

But look through the discussion, through the apps people suggested, and you’ll find that most of them take several steps to save your bookmarks. Saving bookmarks directly in your browser doesn’t work so great these days unless you use the same browser on your phone and all of your computers.

That’s why blew me away when I tried it out. The last thing I would have thought the web needed was a new bookmarking app, and yet, here was one that was so much simpler than everything else, it’s absolutely worth trying.

No Setup means No Setup

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.15.38 PM Browser bookmarks are simple: tap a plus or star icon, and your site is saved. Syncing is similarly simple if you’re using the same browser everywhere — just sign into your browser’s sync account in each browser and you’re good. Online bookmarking tools are all more complicated than that. At the very least you’ll need to install browser extensions and perhaps download a mobile app to get your bookmarks everywhere, or (worse for less techie users) have to save bookmarklets to your browser and figure out how to use them on your phone. turns that on its head. Built by Anthony Feint, the developer behind the incredibly simple blogging platform, is the simplest bookmarking app you could imagine. Make an account, then just go along with your browsing as normal. When you find something you want to save, type before the URL in your address bar, and hit enter. Boom — you’ve bookmarked the site.


That’s more than simple enough for anyone to do, from any browser — even from your phone or tablet without any confusing bookmarklets. There’s no tags or comments, but you can organize your bookmarks into lists. Just put the list name in front of, like, and your bookmark will be saved to that new list. You can then go back and find your bookmarks from any device on’s incredibly simple account page anytime.

Now, I’m all for keeping it simple; indeed,’s only real feature is its extreme simplicity that at once seems so obvious it’s surprising no one else has done something like this before. But I think does need two extra features: a search tool, and an export tool to take your bookmarks to other apps. If it adds those, it’ll be the best simple bookmarking tool around.

Go give it a try, even if you don’t particularly need a new bookmarking tool, because it’s so cool. You might even decide to keep using it.


The simplest way to bookmark sites online