Manage Your Internet Marketing Campaign With Raven Tools

Given the explosive rise in Internet usage over the past few years, businesses are now turning to the virtual world of the Internet to advertise their products and services. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now commonplace for advertising as they offer a number of advantages over traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper or magazine adverts. Internet-based advertising is often a whole lot cheaper than print advertising and it can reach a much larger catchment area, often outside the traditional catchment area of the business.

The key question for businesses now is: how can they harness this increase in internet-based advertising and, most importantly, can it create revenue for the business? The whole area can be a bit of a minefield to businesses who have never ventured into the world of online advertising before but luckily there are some helpful tools on the Net designed to guide businesses through this minefield.

Raven Tools is one of these. It has a wide range of tools depending on whether you use SEO (search engine optimisation), social media networks or Google products such as Analytics and AdWords. This could be a real advantage to any online business looking to broaden its horizons.

Let’s take a look at Raven Tools in a bit more detail.

Introduction and Pricing

Raven Tools certainly isn’t your average set of marketing tools. The range of features jam-packed into such a simple and beautifully designed interface is enough to make your brain hurt!

Raven Tools - home page

The home page of Raven Tools

Raven Tools’ pricing strategy is simple and clear. A Pro plan costs $99 per month and gives you access to unlimited websites, unlimited social media accounts and 2 users. The Agency plan, which costs $249 per month, gives you 8 users and far more keyword rankings and managed lists. If you want to try out Raven Tools before committing to buying, then you can sign up for a free 30-day trial period (and you don’t need to give your credit card information!).

Raven Tools prices

The plans available for Raven Tools

When you sign up to Raven Tools (which takes about 5 seconds), a setup wizard appears which helps you configure your sites and social networks. Once everything is set up, then you are redirected to the Dashboard which shows the current site Raven Tools is monitoring.

Raven Tools - dashboard

The Dashboard for your current website

You can tailor your Dashboard to your liking, for example by adding a Google Analytics summary or a social network monitor. Your Dashboard is also where you access all of Raven Tools’ fantastic features. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.


Raven Tools is so packed full of features that I would be here all day explaining them all. Here’s a selected few in a bit more detail.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Raven Tools allows you to optimise search engines so you know exactly what people are searching for, thereby meaning you can direct your marketing budget to precisely where it is needed. The app integrates data from a wide range of trusted sources (such as Wordtracker and Google Analytics) and the built-in Research Assistant helps you to analyse keywords using SEMRush and/or SEOmoz data.


Raven Tools' built-in SEO helps you analyse data from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics

Raven Tools also sports a built in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) tracker, which automatically updates your website ranking data and eliminates the needs for separate spreadsheets! This can save you and your business a whole load of time in the long run.


The built-in SERP tracker in Raven Tools

Another useful feature built into the SEO side of things is the Role Manager, which allows you to assign roles to each of your team members (2 for the Pro plan or 8 for the Agency plan) and it also means that your team members can work with Raven Tools simultaneously.

Role Manager

The Role Manager in Raven Tools

Social Media

Raven Tools will, of course, allow you to administer advertising on your social networks, which can prove to be an extremely effective method of advertising for businesses. Raven Tools can integrate with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and has some nifty little features that can really help your business drive a successful social media marketing campaign.


A report on your social network activity

Raven Tools helps you calculate your social media’s ROI (return on investment), i.e. which efforts drive the most traffic to your site? This is vital to ensure your advertising is targeted and your marketing budget is directed to exactly where it is needed.


Raven Tools integrates with Google AdWords and Google Analytics allowing you to track exactly what you are spending your advertising revenue on and, most importantly, whether or not it is effective or not.


Raven Tools lets you take control of your online advertising

Google AdWords is also simplified in Raven Tools, making it a far more user-friendly experience and allows you to easily create campaigns, pause or start campaigns in bulk, set extensions, manage multiple accounts and much more.


Google AdWords' interface has been considerably simplified in Raven Tools, making it far easier to use

So, Why Raven?

Raven Tools is designed to be a central location that helps you manage your Internet marketing campaign and allows you to easily see which team members are working on which campaign. The fact that up to 8 simultaneous users can use Raven Tools at any one time (with the Agency account) avoids the problem of duplicate work, meaning that internal productivity is increased. The Role Manager also helps you delegate tasks to individual team members so each member knows exactly what they are working on.

With your subscription, you don’t just get access to the app but also a wide range of goodies. The developers of Raven Tools have developed an iPhone and iPad app so that you can access your marketing campaign from wherever you are.

Raven iOS

The iPhone and iPad Raven Tools app mean that you don't have to be in the office to manage your internet marketing campaign

The developers also provide a comprehensive support package, from detailed instructions to free online training, meaning that you don’t miss out any features of this amazing tool.

Final Thoughts

Raven Tools is a fantastic example of a well-thought through, feature-rich internet application and will most certainly be a crucial tool for small businesses. The range of features is too great to describe here, so the best way to explore this great utility is to sign up for a no-obligation (and credit-card free) 30-day trial before deciding to commit.

Just be prepared, because the results are simply mesmerising.


An web-based internet marketing tools suite for small businesses.