Backup Machine: Automated Peace of Mind

You know that sinking feeling you get, when you realize something has just disappeared from your grasp forever? That stomach twisting pain at something that cost so much money, or so much time, something that’s practically irreplaceable just disappearing into thin air. I hate that feeling.

The proliferation of digital goods in our lives is a double edged sword. While on the one hand, their simplicity, portability, and in many cases increased fidelity are all benefits to digital items, the ease with which they can also disappear can be frightening. While it may be difficult to misplace a wall shelf full of vinyl records, an MP3 library can vanish with a couple of key strokes. And while I’m not prepared to debate the pros and cons of building an analog library versus a digital one, I am here to show that this apparent fragility of digital things can be overcome.

Backing up your digital life is actually a pretty large discussion. It can encompass virtually everything you do and use with regards to computers. We’re talking everything from digital assets like photos and videos, to potentially sensitive material like work-related documents or databases, to your online assets like social media postings and email documents. That’s a lot of important data. Today I’ll be highlighting a solution to backing up one niche out of all of those things: your website, all thanks to a service called Backup Machine.

Its Mission

That’s right, your website. Probably didn’t think that was going to be the one I’d talk about, did you? It’s a piece of the puzzle that often goes overlooked. You might have some sort of setup for backing up those pictures of the family, but what about those blog posts you’ve composed over the last 3 years, or that epic slideshow app you put together to show off your travel photos to the world. Or what if you’re a web developer by trade, and now your paying clients expect you to be responsible for handling the safety of their enterprises’ website? How do you protect yourself?

Enter Backup Machine.

It’s mission is simple: automatically backup your website. The intention is to be as frictionless as possible, with the idea that you’ll use the service more — and therefore your website will be safer.


Backup Machine's Archived Restore Page

Backup Machine's Archived Restore Page

Backup Machine’s feature-set is pretty comprehensive. They’re quite confident in their ability to backup any website, regardless of what technology was used to build it. They emphasize their support of popular CMSs, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, and osCommerce, even backing up the CMS’s corresponding database.

A nice feature Backup Machine offers is archival storage of your various backups. If you have any reason to want to restore back beyond the latest backup, they’re all there, up to a maximum quota determined by the package you’ve subscribed to.

Backup Machine's Archived Restore Page

Backup Machine's Archived Restore Page


The way Backup Machine charges its users is through subscriptions to packages. There are three tiers to their program, starting at free, then going to $4.99 per month, and finally $9.99 per month. The free plan works as a nice trial of Backup Machine. You might not be able to backup everything on your server, but if you have a small, static website you’ll be fine. Unfortunately, if you use a CMS of any kind and want it and its database of content to be archived, you’ll need to sign up for one of the paid plans.

The major difference between the $4.99 and $9.99 plans are the frequency with which your site is backed up. With the $4.99 plan, you get weekly backups of a site that’s up to 2 GB in size with individual files being limited to a maximum of 512 MB. The $9.99 plan features daily backups of your site which can be up to 10 GB and individual files are allowed to be up to 1 GB in size.

Reselling Backup Machine

Now, as great a solution as Backup Machine is, those packages are on a per domain basis. What about our humble web developer with his reasonably large assortment of client sites? What is he to do? Well, Backup Machine has already considered our dear web developer — and they give him options.

When you sign up for a reseller account, at £15 you get 3 premium plans, the sort which come with daily site backups. If you’re a design shop, or you have a limited number of clients who want to avail themselves of the type of service that Backup Machine offers, then you might get by with just a basic reseller plan. From there on out though, you receive a discounted rate on any domain that you add to the account.

So, as great as the price advantages that a reseller account provides are, there’s another feature at a reseller’s disposal: custom branding. Backup Machine’s interface is completely brandable, and can give your clients the peace of mind they’re looking for, that you, the company they trust is making sure their sites are backed up and safe.

In Conclusion

Backup Machine offers an important service, maintaining the safety of your website, and they provide it at a reasonable cost. If you personally rely on your website for income, or more importantly, if you are a web developer and your clients rely on their websites for income, then you really have no excuse. Go check out Backup Machine today.


Automatically backup your website, no matter what its built with. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more: Backup Machine can handle them all.