Ticksy: Simple Customer Support, with an Envato Twist

Customer support is a core part of business, and good customer support can be a fundamental way to keep customers loyal. Take a company like Apple, for instance. Their customer service is chiefly thought of to be top notch, and for many, that alone can justify higher prices and keep customers returning to buy more. Technical support usually has never really had a good image, to the point that it’s mocked on national TV and being a frustration to many.

Of course, you don’t want that image reflected in your own business. With so many companies doing tech support wrong, doing it right can be a big selling point for your company and can make you stand apart from your competitors. It might be time to find a good customer support system, and Ticksy might just be that. Ticksy is a bloat-free customer support managed that even features integration without our very own Envato marketplaces. Even the smallest personal business needs to handle customer support, so lets take a look and see how Ticksy fits the bill.

Getting Started

Ticksy is an incredibly simple app, so signup isn’t a lengthy process. Instead, you’ll put in a few details and choose a custom subdomain to host your system at. Ticksy’s pricing is based on how many customer service agents you have assigned to a project, so a slider determines your final price and how many users you’ll be able to have, at $5 per user per month.

Once you’ve got your site setup, you’re going to want to add your products so that tickets can be created for them. You can add unlimited products, and doing so is a painless experience. You merely need to name the product and assign it to a user who will lead support for that particular product. When you’ve done that, you’re essentially done and users will be able to start filing tickets for your product.

A sample thread created in Ticksy.

Envato Integration

Ticksy has one especially nice feature that makes it stand out from other apps: integration with Envato’s marketplaces like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. By heading to your settings in Ticksy, you can paste in your Envato API key from your marketplace account, alongside your username, to be able to add products straight from your catalogue there. Ticksy will even be able to confirm or deny whether the person filing tickets owns the product they’re asking for support on, allowing you to avoid wasting time on those who may have pirated your work.

Adding Envato items in Ticksy.

Of course, don’t worry if you don’t sell your products through Envato. This is just a convenient option for those that do, and isn’t a prerequisite for using the service.

Brandon Jones, who’s amassed over 24,000 sales on ThemeForest, uses Ticksy to support his customers, and told me the following on Twitter after I asked about him using Ticksy:

Yup – & it rocks! Loooving it since moving over last week. They’ve got some new features like public tix coming soon too

It gets my seal of approval though 🙂 Happier customers, and it’s a more manageable support system from the author’s side.

To and Fro

Now that you’ve setup your users and assigned them products to manage, it’s just a matter of waiting for the (hopefully infrequent) problems to arise and for your users to enquire about them. You’ll be able to direct them to the same subdomain you manage from, where they’ll sign in (either with a Ticksy account or a social network) and log their complaint.

When they do, your dashboard will be updated to show their message and tagged with an orange “Response Needed” badge to clearly notify the outstanding issue, as well as an email being sent to the associated user’s address. By selecting it to view more details, you’ll be able to access the full message, in addition to the Envato purchase confirmation, if applicable. When you respond, the user’s dashboard will be updated to notify them of their response too.

Submitting a ticket from the end user's perspective.

Ticksy also displays some pretty cool statistics alongside the thread. For example, it’ll track the time in between messages, calculating an average response time that can be useful in setting expectations for the user, while allowing you to observe and optimise. The user can also rate the current thread, which will be fed back to the customer service agent too.

Once it’s time to make your final response, you, or the customer, will be able to mark the thread as closed. If it happens to be a frequently asked question or query, you’ll actually be able to publish your response and/or solution as a public FAQ, also accessible through the end user’s access to the site.

You can create FAQs out of frequent questions.

Final Thoughts

There’s very little else to say about Ticksy. The UI is simple, clean and minimalist, and incredibly straightforward. The app isn’t plagued by levels of navigation or completely useless rubbish. Instead, it focuses on what’s important and allows you to get through customer support requests in a breeze.

The statistics that are presented are pretty useful too, allowing you to take feedback on how you’re responding, and potentially see where you’re leaving it too long.

Plus, at just $5/user/month, it’s fantastically priced for such an amazing product. If you’re working independently, or as part of a team, Ticksy is well worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a simple integrated way to support your customers from the Envato marketplaces!


A beautiful, clean customer service system with integration for Envato items.