Memrify: Keep A Record of Your Favorite Memories Online

Do you remember when you got your driver’s license? Do you remember being happy that day about finally passing the driving test? Perhaps you do. Or you are perhaps like me and many others who like good memories and treasure them but cannot quite fully recall them.

That is the problem that many of us have. We cannot save that feeling we feel during our good times unless we have pictures of those times to remind us of the pleasure. That is, of course, the whole point of the pictures, reminders, and status messages that we so eagerly post online.

Unfortunately, the social networks we use are not targeted towards private people who want to have a special group of people with whom to share their special memories. A pleasant exception however is an excellent web service called Memrify.

What is Memrify?

Memrify is a wonderful web service that offers its users the function to save their best memories online. The website lets you save any kind of memory – from getting your driver’s license to going to your prom – on your Memrify timeline. With each memory you are able to add pictures and tag people that you know. You can easily set up various groups in your and selectively share your memories with them. You can even have public memories, if you want! Tags can be added to the things you record and smart filtering options let you quickly check out the memory that you are looking for.


Getting Started with Memrify

You begin using Memrify by either creating a new account on the website or by logging in through your Facebook account. Once you log into your account you should perhaps first of all create the groups that you will be sharing your memories with. Doing so in the beginning will help you while creating posts because such filtering later on is always tedious – not just in Memrify but everywhere else too. To do so, just hover your mouse to the icon in the top right corner, enter the name and click Create the Group.


After creating the group, all you need to do is invite people and select the privacy settings of the group, whether you want to make it public or private.


Adding the memories is pretty straightforward. Once you have created the groups and added people to them, you can start adding memories using the text box provided. It can be long or short text – anything that you want to remember the memory with. You can additionally assign an ‘icon’ to the memory by choosing an appropriate one from the top row of icons shown. These icons correspond to various options such as feelings, drinking, business, travel, and more; corresponding to your selected icon, a tag is attached to the memory. You can also add custom tags manually too along with adding people / tagging people while you are creating the memory.


Once you begin creating memories, you can view them in your timeline. Your include the text that you had typed earlier, any tags that you may or may not have added, any people that you may or may not have tagged, the option to upload a photo to the memory, and the option to delete the memory from your timeline altogether. Each box that holds a memory also indicated the privacy of the memory. By default, the memories you add from the main dashboard are all marked as public which can be changed to private by clicking on them.


By default, the memories that are shown on your timeline appear in a grid like view. This is visually appealing for most people but some people find the fluidity of the grid to be distracting – some people are most comfortable with a list like view or perhaps an even smaller grid. For them, there are various viewing options present in the interface that can all be accessed from the viewing option buttons present in the top right.


As mentioned earlier, each memory that appears in your timeline also includes a button to add a photo to it. In order to make a memory more ‘complete’ you can always click on that button and select an image from your computer to be uploaded to your Memrify account. Once this step is complete, you are able to view the photos that are associated with memories right on the boxes of the memory.


In case you want to recover a memory and see what you had typed or which photo you had attached with it, you can always use the site’s built in filtering options. The filters offered to you let you filter by specifying the date, tags, or contents of the memory; you can also choose to search only those memories that pictures attached to them.


The service has a mobile friendly interface that allows users to capture memories on the go (if you have an active data connection).

In the End

Memrify has a simple interface that does its job quite effectively. There are an increasing number of internet users who are simply unhappy with the privacy levels and even the popularity of popular online social networks such as Facebook. For such people, having the ability to store information online in an easily navigable interface and selectively sharing that information with their loved ones will be highly appreciated. If you are one of these people, then you should definitely check out Memrify – you will be pleased.

The only thing I don’t like is that you cannot add a picture when you are writing the note. You can add the photos after you have saved the memory on your timeline.

Nonetheless, this may not stop you from using such a service as it may not be a big problem for many of us. We’d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below!


A useful web service that offers its users the function to save their best memories online.