Make Employee Reviews Quick and Useful with 15Five

You’ve got the perfect idea for a business, and are excited about building a product that your customers will love. You work nights and weekends, feverishly, trying to turn your dream into reality. It’s too big of a project for you to do on your own, so you start hiring employees to help you. Before you know it, you’re now spending more of your time trying to keep track of what’s going on in your company than you are building the business you love.

What if there was a way you could keep track of everything going on in your company, but only spend a few minutes each week doing it? 15Five promises to make this possible. Let’s take a look and see if this app could start making managing a growing team a simple task that won’t take anyone away from their real work.

Why be Scared to Grow Your Company?

As your company or team grows, it’ll take increasingly more time to keep track with what everyone’s working on. So much so, in fact, that many startup founders feel scared to grow their teams, as they feel they’ll have trouble with keeping the company focused and won’t be able to know what’s going on. Meetings can take up way too much time, and face-to-face meetings with every employee would be impossible in larger teams.

That’s where 15Five comes in. This new web app promises to let you keep track of your employees by letting them each take 15 minutes to fill out a report that’ll only take you 5 minutes to review. It makes it easy for employees to report to their managers, and then for managers to report to executives, keeping the whole company connected from top to bottom. And it does all of this through simple weekly reports.

15Five: 15 minutes to write, 5 minutes to review

Employee Reports that Work the Way Your Team Works

15Five simplifies weekly reports in many ways. First, it lets you get employee reports in the way that works best for your team. You can add all of your employees to the app, organize them into teams with the managers that they report to, replicating your whole org chart in your reporting setup. Then, when employees send weekly reports, their manager will get them, who can then report based on that to their manager, all the way up to the executive team.

Add all of your employees with the hierarchy your team needs

15Five helps you keep your weekly reports focused by turning them into a simple survey. You can add the questions you want to ask everyone, then enter specific questions you want to add for particular teams or even individual employees. Questions are easy to answer and add, and you can add them in the order you want. Then, you can set the day you want reports from each part of your company. These need to be staggered by days, so it works best with teams with 5 or less layers of employees. For example, your team members could report to their manager on Tuesday, then your managers could report to the executive team on Wednesday, and they could report to the CEO on Thursday.

Create questions as general or specific as you need

Getting Your Reports Written

Once you’ve added employees, entered your questions, and set your schedule, 15Five will automatically send our reminders to your team when your reports are due. Filling out the reports is simple. Employees will just have to enter their responses in the line below the question, and can automatically enter another line just by hitting tab. You can also edit the text by clicking it directly, or by clicking the pencil icon. Once you’ve taken the time to thoughtfully reply, just submit the report at the bottom.

Filling out the report only takes minutes

Managers can then login to their own accounts, and review everyone’s reports together. You can look at everything your employees said, and add comments to give feedback or ask for more info. Employees will get notifications about any comments you add, to keep them in the loop. Then, you can click the arrow button beside any response to include it in your own report. That way, when managers fill out their own reports for the executive team or higher management, they can push the feedback from their employees up so it’ll get noticed higher up in the company.

Managers can review answers and include them in their report

Keep Communications Flowing Through Your Company

Once managers have reviewed everything, they can sit down and write their own report, sharing their thoughts on each of the questions themselves. Then, everything they’ve pushed up from their employee reports will be included automatically, complete with any comments added and the conversation around that feedback. These will each be included under the correct question as well, and will include the original employee’s name, so it’s easy to trace where all of the feedback is coming from.

Managers create their own reports with answers from their team's reports

Then, there’s the final stop: the CEO or top boss who’s getting everyone’s reports. They’ll be able to login to their 15Five account, and see a complete update from the managers about how their teams are doing, complete with their own feedback and the responses they’ve pushed up from their employees. Now, they can join in the conversation, enabling the CEO to keep up with what’s going on with all parts of the company. Best of all, each of these reports are easy to scan, so no one’s wasting much time writing or reviewing them. With the streamlined communications around feedback and the ability to incorporate it in manager reports, 15Five definitely makes it much easier to keep a whole team communicating about their progress and performance than emailing notes and using internal social networks ever could.

Communications stay on track, from the CEO to the entry-level employees


15Five is a brilliant solution for employee reports and internal communications. It can help keep everyone focused on their real work rather than spending all of their time trying to figure out what everyone else is doing. By letting managers bump up input from employees to their own reports, it also keeps the communications flowing throughout the whole company. It’s definitely a unique solution for internal reports and communications, and its always exciting to see a unique new app that solves a specific problem in a great way like this!

If you manage a team or run a company, and would like to try out 15Five, you can sign up today to get an invite to their beta. You can also enter the priority code webappstorm to get a bit ahead in the line and try out out sooner. If you get to use 15Five with your team, we’d love to hear what you think of it!


Know exactly what's going on in your company by having everyone fill out a 15 minute survey each week that only takes 5 minutes to review.