Help Your Customers with

There are many help desk apps and software suites available, including Zendesk, HappyFox, and more. is a support app owned by leading CRM solution, and is designed to help you efficiently assist and interact with your customers.

Let’s take a look at and see what it has to offer and how it compares to other options.

Getting Started

Getting started with is easy — after you sign up for the free 14 day day trial, your help desk is configured and ready to go within seconds. You’re greeted with two options for the first time: Go straight to your desktop or configure your setup in the admin panel.

Dive right in to your help desk or configure your setup

Dive right in to your help desk or configure your setup

Salesforce is a beautiful designed CRM and I expected nothing less from Desk’s interface — I wasn’t disappointed. I decided to jump right into my agent desktop instead of configuring the admin options. The interface is nicely designed and fairly intuitive.

Agent Desktop

Your desktop is set up kind of like an email app. On the right side, you have the main window and there is a menu on the left with four tabs: Cases, Twitter Search, Knowledge Base and Search.

Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate quickly.

Your agent desktop on

Your agent desktop on


The Cases tab lists cases that are unresolved, resolved, recently updated, unassigned and more. Use this menu to navigate through cases. When you click on an item, such as Unresolved Cases, the list will show up in the main window on the right.

Twitter Search

One necessity for managing your brand is to monitor social networks for issues. The Twitter Search tab lets you search by keyword to see what customers are saying about you.

Knowledge Base

Helpful articles and canned responses are at your fingertips in the Knowledge Base tab


Use this tab to search all of your help desk, including through customers, cases and interactions. You can filter searches by email, channel, status and date updated, as well as add searches to your favorites list.

Customization & Branding allows you to customize your help desk so your customers feel at home. You can set time zone, business hours and more easily from the admin dashboard. Branding is a pretty important feature that is available in all major help desk apps.

Getting Support

Your customers can get support by viewing knowledge base articles, posting a public question, sending an email, or chatting with an agent. All of these options are very easy to use and are very intuitive. When a customer asks a public question that has similar wording to a knowledge base article, they will get a popup asking if relevant articles might answer their question. This allows customers to get self service options when they can.

Ask a Public Qustion on

Send an email to get support

Helping Customers

Admins can easily and quickly assign cases to agents, or take care of the issue personally. When you’re at the agent dashboard, you see your list of assigned cases. Responding to customer queries is simple and straightforward.

Answering customers on

Answering customers on

The screen above is where you would answer a specific case. You can change the status, update the priority, assign a different agent, add attachments and more. This is also where you would run a macro for often-used responses, such as a generic answer and then mark the case resolved.

Business Insights

A really neat feature offers is reporting for admins. Measure and compare accuracy, speed, agents, groups and macros to see who and what is working best for your support desk. See how many cases are resolved on the first contact. See which agent is the most accurate in the quickest fashion. These reports make it easy for managers to make informed decisions and work to improve support for customers.

Look at reports to make improvements in your workflow

Look at reports to make improvements in your workflow

Plans & Pricing offers different pricing options to accommodate your size. Your first full-time agent is free and each additional full-time agent is $49 per month.

Or if you have part-time agents, you can pay $1 per hour per agent as needed. This pricing model is different from other competitors like Zendesk and allows for greater flexibility.

Comparison to Zendesk

After comparing to its most popular competitor, Zendesk, I have to say they are both incredible helpdesk solutions. They are both flexible enough for small and large organizations and they both offer all the tools you would need to help your customers in an efficient manner.

However, I do like Zendesk a little better because of the interface and customization.’s interface and workflow works well, but Zendesk is better. It also seems to be slower.

Both apps offer easy self-service solutions, but also allows for public questions so the community can help customers in addition to your agents. This may or may not be a feature you want, but it is available in integrates very nicely with Salesforce, but does not integrate with many other apps and services. One of the best features of Zendesk is the huge integration options, and this puts at a disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, is a really powerful help desk solution and will definitely benefit you in your quest to efficiently help your customers. While it lacks in a few areas compared to Zendesk, it is still a really good web app and is rated 9 out of 10 because of its great features and affordability.

Summary is a support app owned by leading CRM solution, and is designed to help you efficiently assist and interact with your customers.