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Are you a web designer trying to find a way to speed up your work? Quality UI kits are a great tool that can help you make the sites your clients need without having to hand-design every pixel. And one of the best places to get great UI kits is PixelKit, a new subscription services filled with great web UI kits and design resources from the ThemeFuse team.

With a PixelKit subscription, you’ll get access to the thousands of graphics already in the service, as well as all of the new graphics that are added monthly. Each of the GUI kits are based on the 960 grid, so they’re easy to implement in HTML, and all of the graphic resources are vector so they’ll scale easily in all of your projects. Best of all, the GUI kits are designed for both traditional and mobile sites. You’ll have everything you need in one spot to finish your projects quickly with a beautiful design, with resources like the beautiful Metro Vibes UI kit to make a flat UI site, Tasty Bites food icon set, the File Manager mobile UI kit that’s easy to turn into a beautifully designed iPhone app, the Gentle Edges minimalist icon set that’ll look great in any design projects, and so much more.


All of that would normally cost $39/year, but we’ve got 3 one-year subscriptions for our readers! Here’s what you’ve got to do to enter our giveaway and get a chance to win:

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Websites are rarely perfect. They’re either horribly designed or simply lack the functionality to perform in 2013. Worse still, many website owners refuse to develop mobile version leaving smartphone users struggling to use their sites.

Tomodo is a platform for modding websites and sharing your improved version with the world. It seems like a strange idea. How can you mod a website that isn’t yours?

Using clever coding and the ingenuity of a growing community Tomodo is now home to dozens of modded website. Everything from Time Magazine to Ebay is altered. Are they any good though? Maybe you could do better.


Ever get frustrated finding emails from your team, or have trouble tracking down that receipt your colleague should have already filed for your business expenses? You don’t need a new app, you just need a new way to make your email more powerful. That’s exactly what SquadMail offers.

SquadMail can best be described as “Dropbox for email”, since it lets you share synchronized Gmail labels (or any IMAP email folder) with others. Instead of constantly CCing your entire team on every email, you can simply assign a shared label to it and it’ll show up in just the right place in your collaborators’ inboxes. If your team changes, you can simply add a new person to a label and they’ll have access to all the old emails.


Additionally, each label gets its own email address so that you can send emails straight to a group of people, or set up special inboxes in your email client for receiving newsletters, social network notifications or to sign up for web apps. Last but not least, SquadMail lets you synchronize Gmail labels  and email folders with your Dropbox account. The service automatically extracts all the attachments from a certain label and puts them in the same folder on your Dropbox. Since the labels have their own email address this also makes it possible to email files straight to a folder on your Dropbox.

You don’t need to download or install anything to use SquadMail and it works with every email client, be it Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. SquadMail also doesn’t store any emails, and the entire synchronization is done with a secure SSL encryption.

Start Using SquadMail Today!

There’s no reason to use CC with your team anymore. Instead, signup for a free SquadMail account today and see how much simpler life can be with shared email folders! You can sync up to 3 email folders or labels for free, and then purchase additional synced folders for $2/month and share them with as many collaborators as you want. You couldn’t ask for a simpler or cheaper way to get your team working together right in the place you’re already working the most: your inbox.

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I can remember back to the days when web design was an extremely technical subject — a skill limited to those with an advanced knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash and all of the other technologies that currently make up the Internet we know of today. But nowadays, thanks to some pretty clever programmers, anyone can create a web page with no prior technical knowledge required — apart from the fact you need to know how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

There are countless of these kinds of programs, from Squarespace to Webflow but today, I’m going to be looking at Virb, a service we first wrote about back in 2010. Since then, an awful lot has changed (we did look at it nearly 3 years ago!) so without further ado, let’s dive straight in and see what Virb has to offer.


Some people say that social media will be dead in a few years. Others say its already revolutionized how we communicate and present ourselves to the world. I agree with the latter. Compared to a few short years ago the entire web has become much more integrated with Facebook and Twitter. With Google Glass getting ready to bolster Google+, things are about to heat up.

For a business that means one thing – they must improve their social media standings right away. Falcon claims to be the right tool for the job. A high-end social media manger application with big clients such as Swarovski and Carlsberg making use of their software we were very interested. The Copenhagen based start-up has just risen €6 million in Series A funding with the aim of “driving international expansion”.

Could they be the next “Big Thing” in social media?


Blogging is popular nowadays. People take to Tumblr , WordPress, Squarespace and more to share their thoughts with the digital world. Then there are the hipsters who use Dustin Curtis’ Svbtle and Medium. There are, of course, many other platforms out there, but each group has its own preferred way of posting things. My favorite has always been Scriptogr.am because it’s effortless to set up using Dropbox, looks nice, and supports Markdown.

Now there’s a new contender in the Markdown-powered blogging world: Dropplets. When I first saw the mockups of it a few months back, I immediately added it to my list of things to review later. Now it’s at version 1.6, so let’s have a look at things and see if they’re ready to compete with the big boys. (more…)

At AppStorm, we love fonts. In our spare time, we talk about fonts and typography with each other on Twitter and App.net. Sometimes, when we feel too geeky and really want to discuss ligatures in a meaningful way without being mocked, we jump ship and start talking about it in emails and private messaging.

The bottom line is, we’re type geeks. It’s a serious problem. I own books on it. And like many people, we also have websites to justify our inflated narcissistic sense of self-importance. We want to make sure that we use the right fonts on our websites — after all, we’re the sort of crazies who believe fonts are extensions of our own personalities. Here are some great places to start next time you’re looking for high-quality web fonts for your site.


Twitter is great to find out what’s happening in the world. But the more people you follow on Twitter, the more overwhelming it can get. Soon, your timeline is updating so fast that it’s easy to miss out on the important stuff — the hashtags that matter and people in your timeline who are important at the moment.

There are plenty of services to try and make your Twitter usage easier, like Favstar and Know About It. There’s even Trendsmap to find out the trending topics. But either these services are non-intuitive or are not personalized to your Twitter timeline.

Obviously, you want to know the best of what should matter to you, based on your friends and your lists. Tame does just that, and looks darn good doing it. (more…)

Calendar apps can often be confusing, and with so much of our lives tracked in social networking apps like Facebook, they’re rarely complete. Monday is the answer to that issue that you’ve got to try. It’s a clean and elegant calendar app where you can create appointments, manage tasks, and track social events within a beautiful interface. It’s beautiful, simple, and convenient — qualities that most calendar apps lack or overdo.

Monday has certainly delivered more than just good first impressions. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I can say that it’s made scheduling and task management a delight. Though you need an invitation to access Monday, its feature set and the overall pleasant user experience makes the wait worthwhile. Let’s take a look and see why you should give it a try.

Google Analytics is very much the Adobe Photoshop of web analytics. It’s extremely advanced with plenty of features but for many, it’s just overkill. Whilst powerful, it’s designed more for users wanting detailed statistics regarding advertising goals, conversions, and other buzzwords that make little sense to anyone outside of the social marketing arena.

GoSquared is an analytics service for the rest of us, providing the statistics and information that we expect, wrapped in a great web interface. I’ve been putting GoSquared through its paces to see if it could be an alternative to services such as Google’s behemoth.


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