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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Sentinel. The developer describes Sentinel as a robust server and website monitoring solution wrapped up in a very easy to use interface. It will monitor physical server resources on Windows and Linux as well as common internet based services and send alerts to you or your team via email, sms, Twitter dm or iPhone push notifications.
Sentinel is the easiest way to keep tabs on all your websites and servers.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Do you get frustrated with rich webapps that take forever to load or require Flash to run? There are many drawing and charting webapps, but the majority are relatively slow and powered by Flash. Today we’ll look at the HTML5 powered app LucidChart, for creating rich charts, mockups and diagrams.

LucidChart is one of the many webapps that let you create charts and diagrams online, but it sets itself apart by using native web technology which makes it run faster than its Flash based competitors. It also lets you do more than just plain flow charts. You can use it to make mind-maps, mockups of the iPhone app you’re designing, or the standard org charts and diagrams usually made with Visio. Let’s see how you can put this to use to get charts and diagrams made for your projects.


The day has finally come; webapps are now treated like real, native OS apps. Thanks to Google’s new Chrome Web Store, it’s easier than ever to discover and install exciting new webapps. Although some of the webapps are simply links to existing webapps, including some we’ve reviewed here on Web.AppStorm, there are also some new apps just for Chrome.

This brings a few new features to the Chrome browser, since you can now install, tweak, and remove webapps from your browser. Let’s dig in and see what you can now do with webapps in Chrome.


Just like every other week, Google’s been busy flooding the digital universe with new goodies. This week a new web app store, a cloud based operating system and cloud printing, to name a few. The TechCrunch team has put out a list of posts they consider to be gems, Google Wave got a new lease of life, Neflix is planning to go HTML5 for devices, YouTube is allowing longer video uploads and Dropbox now allows people to work in teams.

Read on for some of this week’s best web app news and updates you might’ve missed!


Windows users will be familiar with the weekly update schedule Microsoft employs in trying to patch bugs, add a few features and so forth. Lately, Facebook has been been making changes and upgrades at a pace that most web apps—including apps from Google’s stable—have never done before. Even with such a huge infrastructure to handle and a potential community outburst at every turn, they roll out updates anyway.

Few days ago, Facebook upgraded the way the profile page looks. It’s a big deal because in mere seconds visitors will get all that there is to know about you in a nutshell. Follow me after the break for a glimpse at the new Facebook profile page and learn how to enable it.


Google always seems to be releasing new apps or app updates but in the last few days they’ve released quite a few goodies, and pretty big ones at that. The long awaited Chrome Web Store is finally here, more details on Chrome OS and Google’s testing laptops were released and google released Cloud Print connecting printers to the cloud.

That’s not all Google has released in the last few days but these are pretty big ones. Read on for more details on these Google goodies.


Of late, it’s just not the apps that are escaping the shackles of the desktop, games are too and they’ve made quiet a splash online. From a single player 2D flash game, today’s online gaming rivals that of their desktop counterparts in 3D graphics and performance. Thanks to online gaming, you do not have to buy costly gaming gear or consoles to blow some steam.

Add to it the ability to play head to head with gamers from across the world, online gaming is a serious contender to games locked across proprietary platforms. Read on for a list of ten online racing games that are fun to play with and kill some time.

Top 10 Gaming Series: This is the first in a series of roundups covering the top 10 games in several different categories. Look forward to several more in the weeks to come and submit games you’d love to see listed!

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  3. The 10 Best Free Online Arcade Games
  4. The 10 Best Free Online Adventure Games


2010 has been quite a year for web apps with HTML5 and CSS3 really beginning to catch on, giving web apps more power and capabilities than they’ve ever had before and bringing them closer to their desktop rivals—or completely redefining the way we do certain things (social media?).

With 2011 right around the corner, the AppStorm team thought it would be a great time to take a look back on 2010 and some of the best applications developers have brought us. So we bring you 20 of the best web apps from 2010.

In preparing this post, I was taken back by the incredible number of fantastic web apps I’ve seen this year, so it’s very possible you’ll find something new and amazing yourself. Go on and take a look!


Would you like to streamline invoicing and billing in your company? Many invoicing webapps are designed for individuals and freelancers and work best for one-off invoicing. Today we’re going to look at a webapp to help manage billing for larger ventures with regular billing and multiple products and services.

Invoicera is a full featured invoicing webapp that includes a ton of features to help you manage invoicing and billing better. With support for multiple currencies, payment gateways, additional staff, saved products and services and more, you’ll have all the tools you need to invoice your clients and get paid. Let’s dig in and see what it has to offer.


We had a big day at AppStorm HQ yesterday, as we’ve launched an exclusive preview of two new sites that are due to kick off in the New Year. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming both Android.AppStorm and Windows.AppStorm to our growing family of sites!

Web applications can usually run on any device under the sun—Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android—so hopefully these two new sites will appeal to quite a few of our wonderful Web.AppStorm readers! Read on for a few more details about each of the new sites…


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