We are living in the Information Age and today one of the most important things to most of us is our data. If our computers, tablets, phones, or other devices disappeared, or the webapps we depend on shut down tomorrow, the files we lose would be harder to replace than the things themselves. From pictures to music to the new web app you’ve been creating, we’re keeping more data than ever and all of it is stuff you want to access anytime, anywhere, without ever losing it.

The good news is there are many apps today to help keep your data synced and safe. Dropbox is one of the most popular file sync apps ever, but SpiderOak is another promising offering that helps ensure your data is safe and secure as well.

We’re going to take a deeper look at what both of these services offer and then hopefully you can decide if Dropbox, SpiderOak, or another service is the one you need to keep your data synced and safe.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Freedcamp. The developer describes Freedcamp as a free project management solution aimed for small businesses, start-ups, students, and fans of collaboration. Some of the exclusive features we offer are: The ability to house an unlimited number of projects and users, Basecamp import, an integrated Meebo chat bar, and Facebook Connect. We offer our service completely free, no-ads, no price plans.

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Do you have a hard time keeping up with where your money is going? It’s hard enough to know how much you have in your checking account, not to mention how much you have it other accounts or owe on loans or credit cards. As tax season rapidly approaches, most of us realize that we need to do a better job at keeping up with our money. Problem is, most programs for managing your finances are expensive and difficult to use.

Managing your finances isn’t a hopeless quest, though. Today we’re going to look at Mint.com, a popular finance management web app that helps you keep up with all of your accounts, budgets, and more. Mint was acquired by Intuit, the company behind Quicken and TurboTax, in 2009, but it’s kept its original simple interface and no-nonsense approach to managing finances while bringing tighter integration with TurboTax. Keep reading to see if Mint is what you need to get your finances under control.


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Paymo Time Tracker – Paymo is a time tracking and online invoicing tool that can be used online or on your desktop. Paymo offers you a clear picture of how time is spent in your organization.

TaskAnt – TaskAnt saves your time and your team’s time on project and task management. Especially for assigning, tracking and searching tasks.

dashboard – dashboard is a powerful lead management system.

YaRooms – Yarooms web application offers meeting & conference room scheduling with functional booking system for rooms, management of room reservations and much more.

GetApp.com – Review, Compare and Evaluate business applications. In Getapp.com you will find enterprise software, SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions with user reviews.

Media Temple – Media Temple hosts websites. Big and Small. For years they’ve taken complex technology and simplified it for the everyday website owner. Their products are designed to be powerful, affordable and relevant.

Dealy – Dealy lets website owners create and distribute their deals of the days across the internet, facebook, twitter, SMS text, email and their websites.

Intervals – Intervals is web-based time tracking, task management, and project management for small businesses that need to know where all of their time is going. Includes workflow, timesheets, reporting, document storage, and invoicing.

JotForm – First Web Based WYSIWYG Form Builder. Create and publish web forms using your browser. Get responses via E-mail.

FusionCharts – Animated & Interactive Flash Charts, Graphs and Maps for web applications. Offers 75 chart types and 530 maps that can be used with any script and database. A complete reporting experience with drill-down, AJAX-enabled charts and one-click chart export.

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People set goals all the time, but if you look at who actually starts to work on them or abandons them mid way, the numbers would be quite large. We all need help to reach our goals, whether it’s incentives or support from others. Incentives and support act as great motivators pushing us to work harder and not to abandon things half way.

stickK is a web app that helps you achieve your goals by way of monetary incentives and with the support of your well wishers. Let’s take a closer look at how the app works and how it can help you.


We’ve collected the top five reviews, roundups and how-to articles from across the AppStorm network in January. Whether you’re interested in Mac, iPhone, Web, or Android apps, there’s bound to be something you didn’t spot over the course of the month. Now would be a good time to explore a part of the AppStorm Network you’ve never seen before!

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I love Gmail, as do many others. The other day I found myself asking the question, “Would I pay for this app? And if so, how much would I be willing to pay?” I’ve recently been going through the many internet apps I pay for, asking myself whether the the cost warrants the value I get out of the app. Several app subscriptions have since been canceled.

Going through the many apps I pay for monthly (and some yearly) got me wondering which apps are absolutely vital to my day-to-day tasks. Gmail (well, Google Apps & Gmail) is one of them. For the most part though, we’ve all grown accustomed to free email services and many other web apps on a freemium basis. But should we always continue to expect that?

I’m curious as to how many of you would be willing to pay a monthly, or perhaps yearly, fee for Gmail. Or would you simply switch to another email provider? If you would pay, how much would you be willing to fork over?

Personally, I would pay in a heartbeat. I’ve yet to find an email app I prefer more than Gmail and it has definitely rooted itself quite deeply into my daily workflow and online life. As for how much, that’s hard to say.

Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting appsplit. The developer describes appsplit as a company specializing in the business of apps. It provides a marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell exclusive and non-exclusive rights to apps, the Split Program gives the responsibility of managing and marketing applications on behalf of the owner to appsplit in return for a percentage of the profit. Those with a great app idea can have it custom built.

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You know how Rock stars and bands make so much money? By way of concerts. And how do blogging networks and technology companies earn a huge chunk of their profits on the side? Conferences. Events, if done right, can be a very profitable cash cow to its organizers. Oh yeah, and they help bring like minded people together.

Immediately after choosing a venue, the next logical step is to handle event registrations and payments. Today we’ll take a look at Eventzilla, which promises to help you get more attendees for your events.


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