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Effortless and meetings are two words that don’t go well together. They are contradict with each other so much, they would make the term “effortless meetings” an oxymoron. Even with the help of enterprise grade calendering and scheduling apps, planning an all hands meeting might be a tiresome process.

A lot of Web 2.0 apps have tried to solve the issue of scheduling. is the newest one among them. The web app screams about making all your scheduling tasks simply effortless, breaking organizational boundaries. Does it really deliver?

Overview is a web app that helps you create an virtual online meeting space for collaboration using your existing tools and virtual solutions. The web app also ensures that you receive all the updates concerning the meeting you are planning irrespective of where you are – at a desktop or on the go.


Overview is currently in closed beta. However, they send out new invites daily and I got my invite the day after I registered for one. The web app lets you sign up using your existing Facebook account. There is no need to create a password to your account, just login with your Facebook account everytime you plan a meeting.

Getting Started

Creating a Meeting

Creating a Meeting

The moment you sign up, the app takes you to the meeting creation page. You might want to check out their quickie crash course on becoming a master of meetings. The meeting creation page is very well designed, complete with web 2.0 elements. But they should rethink the color scheme, particularly the pink button!

Use the quadrant clock if you don’t feel like filling in the duration of the meeting manually. An email will be sent to your inbox once you have set up a meeting. This message will have an email address dedicated to your meeting and if you got any notes or files to share, send them to that address or just reply back to the same mail.

Adding Materials

Adding an Agenda

Adding an Agenda

After a really simple looking meeting creation page, the sight of a complex looking invite page is a bit daunting. But then again, follow the ribbon at the top to finish this step in no time. First you need to set an agenda for the meeting. You can either type in the details, drag and drop documents or just use the email address I mentioned earlier.

Adding a Comment

Adding a Comment

After adding an agenda, use the built in editor to alter it anytime. However, if you don’t have a major change to the agenda and just want to convey a small tidbit, use the comment box. All invitees can comment on the agenda and the event.

Shared Notes

Shared Notes

Since we already have added all documents and a comment, I really don’t see the use for a shared note feature. But, it’s always good to have one.

Inviting People

You can invite as many people you want to attend a meeting. Unlike a lot of other apps, you can separate multiple addresses using a comma, semicolon, new line etc. Alternatively, if the participants have attended an event organized by you earlier, there is an option to add them all in a single click.

Inviting People

Inviting People

There already is an invitation message and you can customize it to your needs. You can preview how the invite looks as soon as you make the changes. A map view of the location of the meet is a key feature that seems to be missing. If you have a lot of meetings lined up and want to jump to a different one, use the Quick Menu at the top right corner of the screen.

Monitoring Updates

Dashboard Updates

Dashboard Updates excels in keeping you updated about the meeting by sending regular email updates. Then there is a fantastic dashboard that acts as the central hub for keeping track of the all the updates. From the dashboard, you can also access the various meetings you have set up so far or can create a new one.

Plugins and Tools

For those who plan meetings multiple times a day or week, there are two cool ways to quickly create them. First you can use the browser bookmarklet. When you have to create  a meeting, just click the bookmarklet and fill in the details without having to login to the web app.

Similarly, you can create meetings instantly from either your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calender. All you have to do is to invite [email protected] and off you go!

Final Thoughts

The goal behind is to help users organize meetings easily without participants having to remember passwords or fill out registration forms. And after trying out the app, I will have to agree that they have achieved this goal with flying colors.

However, there simply too many edit options, toggle buttons, and more in the Invite page of the app. I really wasn’t sure what the + button and the calender icon immediately beneath the date does. It turns out to be the option to download meeting info in ics format. If there is a feature that needs execution to understand what it does, it isn’t so user friendly at all.

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