5 Creative Uses for Dropbox

As we looked at earlier this week, Dropbox is one of the nicer syncing solutions in a long time. And with such tight integration with the operating system and great flexibility, people have come up with some very unique and creative ways to use Dropbox.

Here’s a few for your reading pleasure.

Share Photo Galleries

There are already many tools out there for sharing photos with your family abroad, but Dropbox is another good solution. It’s definitely one of the easiest to use.

Rather than taking a long time to upload files to a remote service, you can simply drag files from your computer or favourite photo management application (iPhoto, Picasa etc.) and drop them in a folder under Dropbox’s Photo folder.

Creating galleries is as easy as creating some folders.

Creating galleries is as easy as creating some folders.

Dropbox automatically creates a gallery that is available for people to see. All you need to do is right click on a folder of images and copy the public gallery link. Email the link to those you want to share with.

The simple, yet elegant galleries are a nice touch.

The simple, yet elegant galleries are a nice touch.

Shown here is a nice example of this usage. It’s the gallery of the folder where I save all my wallpaper files. You can see it in action (and take anything you like) from here: my wallpapers.

Consolidate Your iTunes Library

Keep your music up to date on all your machines.

Keep your music up to date on all your machines.

Rather than sharing your iTunes library all your family’s computers by keeping the files on a server or shared hard drive, simply keep it in your Dropbox folder. Ensure that your Dropbox account is setup on all the desired computers and then access the same library with all the same meta data (ratings, genres, album covers etc.) from everywhere.

Of course, unless your music library is very small, this option would require one of the paid accounts. 2 GBs of storage is not enough to hold most music collections.

Password Synchronization

Do the same with all your passwords.

Do the same with all your passwords.

Similar to the iTunes tip, you can do the same thing with your passwords. If you use a tool like 1Password or RoboForm, you know how nice it is to have all of your passwords in one place.

But when working on your spouse’s machine or your computer at work, suddenly you have to remember all those passwords again.

Use Dropbox to sync the application on multiple computers.

Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook

Because Dropbox sits right within the operating system and has nice web galleries for images, it’s a good solution for a digital scrapbook. Similar to a service like Ember, simply snap images and websites that inspire and copy them to a folder under the Photos in Dropbox.

Due to the nice thumbnails, you’ve got a great digital scrapbook that is available on the web and accessible via mobile devices as well. Click here for a great illustration of this idea.

Keep Your Firefox Profile in Sync

One thing I always disliked doing was trying to keep my Firefox items in sync across multiple computers. I’ve tried other solutions like Xmarks, but the easiest fix is to use Dropbox.

This way everything is synced — bookmarks, themes and extensions. Set up the browser the way you want it on one computer and enjoy that configuration on all your machines.

Flexibility is the Key

There is no end of ways to put Dropbox to work for you. With a little thought, you can improve your setup and gain peace of mind — this tool is flexible enough to fit to your needs. Enjoy!