Nurph:<br/> A Chatroom Anywhere, Instantly

You visit your favorite website(s) daily and you love their communities, but you feel there’s something missing. Perhaps a live chatroom? Nurph has to be the easiest and fastest way to add a simple chatroom to any website, immediately, then securely sign in with your Twitter credentials. See how simply great it is after the jump (with screencast).

Screencast Preview

Adding Chat

It really couldn’t be simpler. Go to and enter the URL of the site you would like to add a Nurph chatroom to. Hit Go.



The site you entered loads and a Nurph supported chat room is overlaid on the site. From here you’ll sign in using your Twitter credentials to begin chatting.

Nurph Chat Room

Nurph Chat Room

Your Twitter followers aren’t spammed, though you can choose to share the link via tweet, email or Facebook from within the chat room app. You can minimize the chat window and continue on with your regular browsing, then open it back up and chat away at your leisure. When you’re done, just click the “X” to close the chat app and it’s gone as fast as it came.

Bookmarks & Unique Links?

The first thing I wanted to know when I tried out Nurph, was whether or not different people could enter the same original URL to enter the same chat room. For example, if I were to enter while someone else entered, would we both be routed to the same room? The answer, is yes!

A single URL will be created for each unique URL requested. However, if the URL requested is slightly different, another chat room will be created with a different URL. Check out the screencast above to see what I mean.

If you’ll frequently be using on a particular site, they recommend setting the unique URL for that site as your home page or bookmarking it. You can also install their bookmarklet to instantly Nurph any site you’re currently visiting. See the screencast for a demonstration of this.

Final Thoughts

I love the idea of as there have been countless situations where myself, or others, wanted a chat room for a community of people. In most situations, a chat room would require installation of some sort and wouldn’t usually be supported by the website the community of people are visiting. It’s quick, doesn’t require any form of installation and uses login credentials from one of the most widely used social networks in existence.

The app just recently launched and is still in public beta testing, so it will be great to watch as it develops and more features and capabilities are added.