Weekly Poll: Which Team Communication Apps Do You Use?

If you’ve ever worked in teams, especially large teams where everyone is located all over the world, you’ll know just how important efficient and effective team communication apps are. Communicating via email is generally standard, but let’s be honest, email works but isn’t efficient or effective enough for many situations — it’s too slow, difficult to use with more than a few people at once and and, depending on your organizational skills, can get wildly out of control.

There are plenty of great team communication apps around for varying purposes ranging from instant messaging to forums to real-time group chat rooms. No single app will work best for everyone’s specific communication needs. I’d like to put together a roundup covering the varying types of team communication needs and the best solutions available.

So let us know which, if any, team communication apps you and your company uses to stay in touch with co-workers, clients and everyone else. We’ve listed a few popular apps in the poll to the right but be sure to submit other’s we’ve not listed. Thanks!